Praise the Lord

I was in meditation mode yesterday afternoon and I asked the Lord for a passage of the Bible I should read. I asked Him what the most important thing was that I should focus on right now. He gave me Psalm 106. I obviously don’t know all the Psalms by heart so I wasn’t completely sure what it was about. I looked it up online and what stood out right away was that the first verse and the last verse of the Psalm are the same. The verses are “Praise the Lord.” That was the message the Lord wanted me to meditate on and spend time on. Praising the Lord is one of the most crucial and important things we can do. Here I am not talking about praising the Lord once in a while. It should be done as often as possible. I love how the first and the last verse say “Praise the Lord” because it symbolizes how we should start what we do with praise and end it with praise. There will be things in between and praise should still be part of the in-between time. Praising the Lord should be a lifestyle. 

As you know, I start my day with praise and I end my day with praise. I praise the Lord in between as well. What I am learning now is that whatever I do, I should start it with praise, end it with praise and praise the Lord in the middle of it. When I start work, I should start with praise. While I am working, I should praise the Lord. When I am done with work, I should praise the Lord. Our lives are invaded with so many things that don’t praise the Lord. We need to push back and praise the Lord. We need to refuse to let life events make us deny the Lord, ignore Him or not give Him the glory. It is very easy to blame God for things that are not going well when we should be praising Him for who He is despite what is going on. The second verse of Psalm 106 says, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever.” We don’t have to wait for good things to happen to us to praise the Lord. He is always good and His love for us will never end. That is reason enough for us to praise Him as often as we can.

Psalm 106 also tells us not to forget the good things that the Lord has done for us. If you don’t know what to praise the Lord about, praise Him because He is good and praise Him for what He has done in your life. You can be specific and praise Him for something He did for you in particular. Praising God should be second nature. It should be natural and it should be essential. We should crave praising Him. We should love praising Him. We were meant to praise the Lord. It is in His perfect will for us to praise Him. Our praises give life to the love we have for the Lord. Let’s not keep that love dormant. It has to be expressed or revived. When was the last time you praised the Lord? Praise Him today. Praise Him now. Whatever you do, start with praise, praise while you are doing it and praise when you are done.

Praise is the sandwich you should serve yourself every day. It is the sandwich for everything. It is the bottom bun, the top bun and the delicious things in the middle. Praise is a delicious practice. Praise gives you more appetite for God. Praise satisfies your spiritual appetite. Praise keeps you wanting more. Praise keeps you in the will of God. Praise keeps you close to God. Praise delivers the presence of God. Praise is the best part of every day. Praise the Lord, friend. In everything you do, praise the Lord. Start with praise, continue with praise and end with praise. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 106; Isaiah 25:1; Acts 16:25

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