God takes you in the right direction

I was at my friend’s daughter’s swimming lesson yesterday and the instructor kept saying “Be sure to go into the direction that is the safest and the best for you.” It made me think about when I have to make a decision and it looks like I can go into different directions. I often am at a loss and I am not sure which direction I should go. I consider my options and I don’t always make the best decision. I don’t go into the safest direction possible. That is changing. I am learning to go into the direction of the Holy Spirit. I am learning to trust the Lord and to go His way. What is the best direction? How do I know what the best direction is? It is always the direction that reflects God’s will in His Word and that direction is the direction of faith. The best choice is always faith. The safest direction is always faith. Faith can seem risky but it is always the best choice. Trusting God over other directions and decisions is the best thing we can do. The direction of faith implies letting God be in the lead and knowing that whatever He is saying, where He is taking us is the best direction.

Now, there are many times when God’s direction is not what we have hoped for and it doesn’t seem to make sense. His sense is the best sense even when it looks foolish. His ways are higher than our ways and they can be so high that we don’t understand the direction and we don’t think that it is the best choice. It always is. Down the line we will find out that God had the perfect plan and what He planned results in a great outcome. If God tells me to walk by faith and not by sight but what I see looks bad, He has a reason for saying that. His reason is that our faith can change our reality. Our faith can bring God’s reality into our reality and make things work out for the best. The direction of the Lord is never a dead end. You will always end up in a better spot. You will always be blessed. You will always be comforted, encouraged and motivated along the way. God’s directions come with a group cheering you on; the cloud of witnesses. They are rooting for you and wishing God’s best for you. You should also think about how other people before you have had to go in the direction of faith and they came out triumphant. 

God’s direction has an instructional manual called the Bible and the best counselor called the Holy Spirit. Every time you need to make a decision or you need to go into an unknown direction, lean on the Spirit of God. Pray for directions. Open the Bible and trust in the process. God has the right steps and the right moves for you. He will reveal them to you. Keep believing that the answer will come. What I do is I ask Him once and then I show my faith by thanking Him in advance for the right direction. I express myself by declaring that God is leading me in the right direction and I am going into the safest place possible. God’s direction is so detailed and so well-planned that you can’t go wrong. All you have to do is take one step at a time. Enjoy the experience. Expect the best. Thank Him for the outcome. Believe you are going into the right direction even when your mind tries to take you off track. Go is the right direction. He always is! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 5:12; John 16:13; Galatians 5:16

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