Start your day with hope

“Start your day with hope” is something I heard early on in my Christian walk. It is very easy to be grumpy and to hold on to the bad mood of the morning. When we wake up, we have a choice. We can side with our emotions, feelings, bad mood and negative thoughts or we can side with Jesus. We can decide to have a Jesus morning or a bad morning. We can decide to let the Lord rule over our day or we can let our emotions ruin our day. There is so much negativity available first thing in the morning and I have learned that I should never step into it but I should jump into the hope of the Lord when I wake up. What I do is praise the Lord right away. I say something great about the Lord. I thank Him, I tell Him how much I love Him and I rejoice over Him. It is the best way to start the day. With the rejoicing and the thanksgiving comes hope. Jesus is the King of hope. I love how His hope can defeat any despair and any bad feelings. It is His hope that neutralizes the bad emotions and feelings that try to get to me in the morning. I have hope in the Lord and I declare it first thing in the morning.

My piece of advice today is that you start your day with hope. Let hope dictate your day. Let the Lord surround you with His hope and let hope rise inside of you. You need to know that since you have the Holy Spirit, you have hope. You have a huge amount of hope in you that is waiting to come out. It is there every day and every time you give it a chance to express itself, you are walking in the will of the Lord. The Lord wants us all to be hopeful and to hold on to the hope that comes from His Spirit. The Holy Spirit can blossom in us so to speak when we yield to Him. Embracing hope and calling on the hope of the Lord is a great way to yield to the Holy Spirit. Imagine Someone inside of you that is waiting to speak up and to bless you with His fruit. That is what it is like with the Holy Spirit. He is waiting for you to anchor your hope in the Lord.

First thing in the morning, spend time with the Lord. Celebrate Jesus. Give Him the first minutes or the first hour of your day. Jesus is the ultimate Hope. Starting the day with Jesus always means starting the day with hope. I love hope. I think everyone does and we believers have a right to hope and we should use it every single day. The hope of the Lord will bless your day. The hope of the Lord will make your day better. The hope of the Lord will transform you and help you. The hope of the Lord will ooze out of you and give you the ability to bring hope to the people in your life. Hope is the key that unlocks many doors of blessings and positivity. Hold that key and use it right away so you can start entering places that are joyful, peaceful and encouraging. The hope of the Lord encourages me so much. I can’t live without it. I don’t know what it’s like to start my day without hope anymore. I wish to never know what it is like again. One of the many amazing things about the Lord is that when we turn to Him, He is there in all His glory and He only has good things to say. He has so much love and His love alone is a good reason to start the day with Him.

There is hope in God’s love. His love resulted in His ultimate sacrifice that saved the world from sin and from eternal death. We can always have hope because we always have the love of the Lord. His love is a sign of hope that will never go away. Start your day with hope, friend. Listen to the Lord and talk to Him when you wake up. Enjoy His presence. Enjoy His great words. Enjoy His joy. Enjoy His love and enjoy His hope. It will take you places where incredible things can and will happen. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 62:5-6; Romans 15:13; 1 Timothy 4:10

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