The storm of the century

Storms of life come and go. Sometimes they seem to be here forever. They vary in intensity and they can throw us for a loop. They can happen anytime. They come with no warning and they stop at random times. Some storms leave us with major scars and they devastate our lives. One thing I am learning is that the Lord can handle any storm. He can make any storm calm down and stop harassing us. I have experienced storms that were so bad that they felt like they were the storms of the century. They were violent and disturbing and only God was able to rescue me from those storms. Many of us have gone through storms of the century. They are the ones that we never forget and just thinking of them makes us anxious. We need the reminder that even the storms of the century are not too difficult for the Lord. The storms are never bigger than Jesus. You need to read this again and let it sink in; No storm is ever bigger than the Lord.

When Jesus was on a boat with His disciples, a big storm erupted. Jesus kept sleeping but His disciples were panicked. They got very scared of the storm. I can only imagine how bad the storm looked and how frightening they were. They woke up the Lord and told Him about the storm. I would have had the same reaction. Jesus didn’t see the need to be woken up. The storm is described as a furious and severe storm. The disciples asked Jesus if He didn’t care if they drowned. Every time I was hit by a big storm, I often thought the same way. I wondered if God cared if I was going to make it. I would wonder why He would allow the storm and if I was going to make it. Then I learned that those storms are inevitable but our reaction to them can make a difference. We can run to God in panic and shake with fear or we can run to God in faith knowing that the storm will pass. We should have the Jesus reaction and keep sleeping. We should have the confidence that He can calm that storm.

Jesus rebuked the storm and told the storm to be still. He spoke to that force of nature with no hesitation and no doubt. The storm calmed down. Your storm will have to listen to Jesus. Your storm, no matter how big it is, will have to listen to Jesus and calm down. The winds of life, the storm of the century and everyday storms obey Jesus. Now, you should use His name with the assurance that the storm will die down. Stand tall and stand strong against the storm. The Lord your God is in control. Have faith. Trust Him. Nothing can defeat Him. I know that when something very bad happens, you have the impression that you are facing the storm of the century. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t lose hope. The One who calms all storms is in you and with you. The boat you are in is strong enough to stay intact during the next storm. Keep that in mind. The Lord would never give you a boat that will sink. You are safe. You are blessed. Even during the storm of the century. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 8:23–27; Mark 4:35–41; Luke 8:22–25

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