Through good times and bad times

Through good and bad times God is with you. It is easier to believe that God is there when everything is going well . Through good times we are confident that God is present and we have faith and hope. We are filled with happy feelings and our emotions are in check. Through bad times, God seems far. We lose sight of Him and we don’t understand why He has abandoned us. We focus on the pain and on the problem easily. We feel left out and we feel rejected by joy and peace. We overthink and we get stuck in this endless cycle of negativity and despair. We can get very hopeless through bad times. Bad times have a way of turning off the light of hope that we believed would never go away. 

During the bad times, the enemy’s ugliness is on display and we can get to a place where we are defeated. Bad times are the enemy’s glorious days. He brags about his power and his hold on our lives. It doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to buy his lies. We don’t have to follow his lead in our minds. We don’t have to give up and give in. We don’t have to listen to him. Through bad times, God is still with us. Through bad times the Word of God doesn’t change. Through bad times we can still have good times.

The Bible invites us to rejoice all the time. The Bible tells us to thank God in all circumstances. That includes bad times. We can rejoice in bad times. We can be thankful for what we have even if it’s little. The Lord wouldn’t tell us to rejoice in hard times if it were impossible. Friend, the God of the good times is still God in the bad times. Your bad times won’t get the best of you. Jesus is the best One in your life and He will make those bad times better. If you are going through bad times today, take a minute and pray. Take a minute and praise. 

Take a minute and be thankful. Take a minute and declare Jesus King over your life. That is a major key. Jesus is still Lord during the bad times. We have to impress that upon our minds and let that truth blossom and bear fruit in our lives. The bad times can seem like they will last forever but the Lord will put a stop to the madness. He is with you and He is for you. It doesn’t matter who is against you. Jesus is your protector, your healer, your defender and your Savior through good times and through bad times.

Today doesn’t change who Jesus is. Today doesn’t strip the Lord of His ability to bless you and to help you. Times change but the Lord’s faithfulness doesn’t. Get back to where you have no doubt that the Lord is still sovereign. Go up the ladder of faith today. Those bad times are stepping stones and with your faith you will not only overcome them but you will crush them with hope and joy. Faith is very powerful. Even a tiny seed of faith can produce miracles. Declare that you have enough faith today despite how you are feeling. It is not about how you feel. 

It’s about what God says and He says that your mustard seed of faith is sufficient. Take that seed and plant it in every part of your life. Plant it in the areas where everything is fine and plant it in the areas where things are not going well. Faith will grow through the weeds of distress and through the bushes of hope. Jesus is the author of your faith. Trust the author and let Him write the story He has for you. In His story you make it through the bad times and you are able to stay hopeful and to have joy and peace through those miserable times.

God is good today and He will be good tomorrow. His love and blessings for you are always around you. You are highly blessed and highly favored. Bad breaks happen to all of us but they don’t determine our standing with God and they don’t dictate how many blessings we are allowed to receive. God determined that a long time ago and He decided that since Jesus is our Savior, we can rejoice and be glad every day. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 6:10; 1 Thessalonians 5:16; Philippians 4:4


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