What gets in the way

When I was praying the other day I said, “Jesus I don’t want to get in Your way. I don’t want to stand against Your will and interfere with my stubbornness.” Just like anyone I can be stubborn. I can do things my way and feel good about it. I am done thinking that I know best and doing it all my own way. I don’t want my ego and my own thoughts to get in the way of what Jesus is doing in my life. During that same prayer I also received an encouraging message. The Holy Spirit stressed something very important. He said that Jesus’ love is unshakable. It is irreversible and it is unconditional. It is something I knew but I was interested by how the Lord responded to my prayer. I told I didn’t want to get in the way and I was carrying a lot of guilt and shame. I feel bad when I mess up. I repent and give it to the Lord but that time was different. I was under the impression that I had been too much into my own ways and I had been putting a major obstacle in God’s way. The truth is that I am not that powerful. I can’t bend God’s plan and change it. I had a lot of guilt because when I get in the way, my mind tells me that I am doing something wrong and very bad. The enemy wants us to feel guilty and to feel shame. There is power in repenting and in turning away from our sinful ways but we will always sin. Knowing that doesn’t give us a license to sin but it offers a realization and an awareness of our weaknesses and our limitations. Are you feeling like you are getting in God’s way? Are you feeling like your sins are keeping you away from God? He has an unshakable love for you and that is where you should start.

Your mind can easily get in the way of your faith and of your growth. It happens to all of us. It doesn’t mean that we are committing the unforgivable sin. It is good to be aware of it. After awareness should come repentance. We can repent when we doubt and when we entertain thoughts that discredit the Lord. Then we should ask the Lord for help. We should trust that His Spirit can help us change our ways. This is true for all sins and for all thoughts that are not of God. I am learning that if I hold on to thoughts that are not of God, that are not pure and holy, I pollute my faith. I disfigure my faith. I stain it with thoughts that are not supposed to live in my mind. Those thoughts don’t serve me and they will never help me. The more I keep them, the more they hurt my spiritual life. What we think we end up saying and doing. Faith comes from hearing and hearing should come from the Word of God. We hear our thoughts at times and if we keep listening to them we will develop faith in them. I would rather listen to the Word of Jesus than to the thoughts that are poisonous. I never thought that holding on to those thoughts would be so bad but it makes sense. Check your thoughts and you will see that negative thoughts make your life miserable but when you embrace God’s Word and it becomes part of your thinking, your faith grows. Know that negative thoughts and your own thoughts can get in the way and should be dealt with.

Our own thinking, negative thoughts and our sins can get in the way of so much of God’s goodness. Part of it is because of the guilt and shame attached to them like I explained. Another part of it is when we exalt ourselves above God. When we believe that we know it all and we can handle everything. I am guilty of that mindset but I am learning to put all my trust in Jesus and it gets easier every day. When something happens, I tend to turn to Jesus right away. Before that I would turn to my own thoughts and let them marinate for a while. I would take those thoughts and add them to what other people thought of my situation and create a chaotic situation. We all have things that get in the way. Let’s focus on finding out what they are so we can deal with them with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. What gets in the way for you might be different from what gets in the way for me but the Lord can take care of everything. It should never be our way or the highway but God’s way or no other way. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Ephesians 1:7;  Ephesians 4:32; 1 John 1:9

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