God has something better

“God has something better” I was once told when I was disappointed because I didn’t get a job I had applied for. At the time, hearing that didn’t really help. I loved the sentiment behind that statement but I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t picture anything better than the job I wanted. That job sounded great. It was a perfect opportunity and I was a great fit. At least that is what I thought. The thing is, God knows us better than we know ourselves. God knows everything about us and He knows everything in general. He knows how we will react, how we will act in all situations and He knows for sure if something is good for us or not. I was so attached to the idea that this was my dream job that I didn’t consider God’s will. My will mattered more and I was foolish to think that I knew better than God. Not getting that job wasn’t a punishment. It was a redirection and a blessing in disguise. God had something better for me and when I got the job He had planned for me, I understood the blessing.

Friend, today it is my turn to tell you that God has something better for you. Not only is it better but it is also His will. God has a beautiful plan for your life and every part of it was nicely put together. What you need to do is keep the faith and keep believing even when your emotions are telling you to give up and to throw in the towel. Things can look very bad after a rejection and a disappointment. However, it is important to not dwell on the disappointment. Make your way back to God. Don’t let those feelings drag you down and take you into a state of despair and depression. Not getting what you want is never fun but remember that the closed door means you need to go to another place. Don’t stay in front of that closed door and hope for it to open. Don’t sit in front of that door staring at it ignoring what God has for you. I was recently telling a friend that God opens doors but He does much more. He opens landscapes for us. He places valleys and hills of blessings in front of us when we trust Him. Don’t worry about the closed doors. Landscapes of opportunities are available in the name of Jesus.

What you find in a huge valley is much more than what you can find behind a door. A valley has no walls that restrict it. There is a vast area with so many things to discover. God has that for you, friend. It is a lot better than what you were going to get behind that door. Your plan was to live within the compound of an opportunity when God has an open space of opportunities with blessings galore. Don’t limit your God. He has a lot more than you can imagine so get on His wavelength. Dream big and keep dreaming. Dream and let Him direct the dreams. Let Him orchestrate what He wants for your life. It is a lot better than what your mind can create. God will always have something good for you. Your faith will get you that something good. God is good and generous and He is always willing to pour His blessings upon your life. If you are going through a heartbreak or a disappointment, don’t worry. The shower of blessings of the Lord will be here soon. It is the kind of storm that you want in your life. You should also keep in mind that as a follower of the Lord, you should follow His lead and trust that where you are going now is where you are meant to go. Thinking back about the job I wanted and the job I have now, I can see that I can do more for the Lord in my current position. We are vessels of His love and we should be ready and willing to pour His love wherever He wants us to be. You will be blessed in the city and in the country. God’s blessings are chasing you down. Something better is coming. Stay in faith. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Proverbs 19:20-21; Philippians 1:6

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