Worry and fear

Your job is not to worry. Your job is not to stay up and overthink. Your job is not to panic and walk in fear. Your job is to call on the name of Jesus. Your job is to stay grounded in the Lord. Your job is to serve the Lord and to love Him with all your heart. Your job is to stay calm and to trust that the King of kings reigns. Remember that He rules in your life. Fear, doubt and worry will always try to overthrow Him in a coup. They will not get weary and they will get inside you in many different ways. They have easy access to your mind but you can put up the barrier of faith and fend them off. You are not meant to be a victim of the enemy. You have Jesus. He rules and you should be ruling in your life with Him. You are a child of the Most High God.

Worry and fear don’t produce anything good. They are not part of the fruit of the Spirit and yet we find comfort in them at times because not worrying and not fearing would be abnormal we think. We need to change our thinking and renew our minds. Worry and fear are not our friends and they don’t serve us at all. Every time they show up we should rebuke them and we should not accept them. They are not good for us on all levels. Every time we help ourselves to a dose of fear and worry, we swallow poison. They are very bad for our spiritual well-being. They gnaw on our faith and they take the place of what pleases the Lord. Don’t settle for worry and fear. They are not natural in the Kingdom of God and you belong to the Kingdom.

I recently went through something that caused a lot of stress and some fear. However, I denounced fear and worry and banned them. I don’t want garbage in my house and that is what they are. I pushed them out of my dwelling place by calling on the name of Jesus. I didn’t want anything to keep me from going to bed and to keep me from having the joy of the Lord. I was driving home one day when those negative feelings did their best to get ahold of me. I did not accept them. I quietly declared victory in Jesus. Within a few minutes I saw myself in the light of joy and my spirit was filled with intense peace. That peace only comes from Jesus and I have to tell you it allowed me to fight worry and fear. Call on the name of Jesus, friend, even when everything seems lost. God always has a way.

The Lord is holding your hand and He is not letting you go. Worry and fear should not stand between you and the Lord. Don’t hold hands with them and hold God’s hand at the same time. The hand that is holding the negativity might pull you in the wrong direction if you passively hold on to fear and worry. Talk to them. Command them to leave. It will make a difference. Don’t let them be a part of your day. Jesus is the biggest and the best part of your day and He deserves your full attention. Worry and fear are not for you. They are not welcome and they are not giving you anything positive. Hold on to Jesus. Turn to Him. Call upon His name. Resist worry and fear and they will run away. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 35:4; Romans 15:13; 1 John 4:18

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