His blessings belong to you

Do you believe that you are blessed? Do you believe that because Jesus is your Savior, blessings are following you wherever you go? If you don’t believe that, know that you are indeed blessed. Know that His blessings are yours. Know that you are highly favored and highly blessed. You might say, “How come I am not seeing His blessings in my life”? You might wonder why it seems that other people are more blessed than you are. It is time you changed your thinking and you started attracting the blessings of the Lord that are rightly yours. A lot of it has to do with how you think and where your faith lies. We have to constantly renew our thinking and one of the most important parts of our thinking should be anchored in the Lord. 

Renewing our minds should be a daily practice. We ought to think in line with His Word and know and believe that we are  blessed. Jesus is the Lord of our lives and through Him we have an abundant life. If we walk this Christian walk continually comparing ourselves with others and feeling cheated, we will not have the life the Lord wants for us. His blessings are unique and they are custom made. God has mountains of blessings that are awaiting your faith. He has favor and breakthroughs that will change your life so change your thinking about His blessings and receive great things.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places”* God is Spirit and His blessings are first and foremost spiritual. He desires for all of us to be spiritual and to be connected to Him on a spiritual level. The spiritual goes beyond words. Words help us spiritually. Positive and Bible-inspired words help but we have to have that spiritual connection. The spiritual connection happens when we pray, when we praise, when we are thankful, when we walk in love, in faith and in the whole fruit of the Spirit. Now, the Bible says that we have been blessed in Christ with every spiritual blessing. 

Note the tense in this verse. We have been blessed. It doesn’t say that we will be blessed. When Jesus is our Savior, His blessings are here in our lives. Faith pleases God and when we are in faith we receive blessings, we receive from Jesus. Love is an amazing blessing. It is the best and the biggest blessing of them all. Some people would say that money is the best blessing. This is not true in the eyes of the Lord. We ought to focus on spiritual blessings and everything else will be added.

You and I are spiritually blessed with the fruit of the Spirit. We are favored and we are meant to be blessings to others. Loving and helping others is a privilege that we have in Christ. We are blessed so we can bless others. With the fruit of the Spirit comes a multitude of other blessings. Like I said earlier our focus should be on spiritual blessings and God will give us all we need. We can expect to be blessed financially, physically and emotionally. God is the God of blessings and He loves it when our needs are met. What we should do is get strong in our spiritual blessings and gifts and we will expect God’s best in every area of our lives. You and I can have what we want when we believe. 

We can have what we want as long as it is in agreement with God’s will. Let’s work on thinking in line with the Word of God that tells us that when we pray we should believe and not doubt and we will have whatever we ask the Lord. His blessings for our lives belong to us. We have a right to them and we should always thank Him for them. Thank Jesus for what you don’t see. Thank Him for great blessings that you don’t necessarily understand but you know belong to you. You are highly blessed and highly favored. Enjoy the Lord’s blessings. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:1-40; Mark 11:24; Ephesians 1:3*


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