Dealing with disappointing news

Dealing with disappointing news is never easy. I remember when I applied for a leadership position in my new job I was confident that my 12 years of leadership experience was going to help me seal the deal. I had an interview that went well. The committee liked my ideas and it sounded promising. Then I got the phone call. The phone call was a rejection. I was told that two other highly qualified candidates were getting the job. I felt good that it took two other people to do the job I had done by myself for 12 years but it was still very disappointing. I felt deflated and confused. I had been so encouraged by many people to apply. I didn’t get the job. What do you do with that? What do you do with disappointing news? Do you let it bring you down? Do you give it more power than it should have by letting it make you feel rejected? Disappointing news has to be looked at from different angles and the main angle should be the angle of the Lord. How is the Lord viewing the disappointing news? Is He sad and disappointed with you or does He have a different plan? God always has a plan for our lives that is often much different than our own plans.

My plan was to get the leadership position and my mind was set on it. I wasn’ thinking about the ramifications of the job on my life. Looking back I can see that during this year of not having had extra duties and work, I have grown in my relationship with the Lord. My faith has soared and my trust in the Lord keeps getting stronger every day. God did not intend for me to have that job because it wasn’t His best for me. His best plan for me and for all of us is to get to know Him better. His plan is that we grow in our faith and we learn to rely on Him. I had to depend on Him to supply my needs for the past year more than before. I developed a sense of belonging. I belong to Jesus and what He wants for me matters more than what I want for myself. What He wants for me is better than the thoughts in my head. I have worked on my thinking a lot more this past year. One of the things I have focused on is how to deal with disappointment. I don’t want my heart to fall apart when I find out something that is sad, that is not building me up or that seems to set me back. Setbacks are inevitable but a few steps back can be more a springboard for us to jump higher. When we regress, we have to remember that God is leading our steps and that regression won’t stop Him from helping us to jump to new heights.

Disappointment pulls us back and when it gets ahold of us we ought to take a leap of faith and move on. We ought to take a minute to refocus and redirect our attention toward Jesus. A disappointment blinds us and makes us forget that the Lord is with us. It really pulls us down and clouds our judgment. The Bible has a lot to say about disappointment. The Bible has a lot to say about how to fight against disappointment. One of the most famous verses of the Bible comforts us when we are disappointed. In Jeremiah 9:11 the Lord says that He knows the plans He has for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us. Disappointing news doesn’t come from God. He has a plan to right the wrong and when we are disappointed we can be assured that God will make things right and He will prosper us and bless us despite the negative poison injected into our minds through disappointment.

Jesus also encourages us in His Word not to let our hearts be troubled. Disappointment can shake us but we have Jesus and He is going to help us and to give us more than what we lost. Jesus can restore anything. Think about how He restored life through His resurrection. You have nothing to worry about, friend. Disappointing news is no fun but they don’t change the Lord. They don’t change His plan for your life and they don’t change His love for you. Hang in there. The Lord has some good news for you all the time. The good news of His Gospel will prevail so hold on to His Word. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 18:3; John 14:1-3; John 14:27

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