Anything can still happen

A few years ago I wrote a message called  ‘Anything (good) can happen.” It was about how the Lord can do anything at any time. I talked about the hope we should have in the possibility of a change and a blessing from the Lord. It has been three years or so but today the Lord reminded me that He can still do anything. I make that declaration often but today I was brought back to that old message and I could see its validity and how it is still relevant today. Anything can still happen. How many times do you need to hear that? How many times have we drifted in our faith and started thinking that maybe good things can’t happen anymore? We think that we have reached our quota and God is done with it for now or for good. God has an unlimited supply of goodness and He can give us more than we expect. 

If you are waiting for a miracle or a breakthrough, know that anything can happen. That old message will never change. It actually is new every day. Every morning new mercies are available. New blessings and new miracles can happen. New breakthroughs and new good breaks can come your way. You have Jesus as your Savior so you are a magnet for miracles waiting to happen. Not because of who you are but because of the One in you. Because of Him great things can happen to you. Let faith open you up to the great opportunities and the great things that the Lord has for you. Just because you are going through a tornado of bad breaks doesn’t mean that the Lord can’t put the brakes on what is going on. He can make anything bad stop and replace it with something that will make you forget that you went through a bad patch.

God is going to do the impossible. Think about that. Add that truth to your “thinking bank” and bank on it. You can count on Him to do things that are beyond what the world can do. You can count on Him to change situations completely and restore what was taken. You can count on Him to open doors that seemed to be reserved for others. You can count on Him to give you more than what the devil had stolen from you. You can count on Him to do things that only God can do. You will find amazing accounts of what He does in His Word and He promised that if you trust Him, He would do even greater things and you could do even greater things in the name of Jesus.

Anything can still happen to you, friend. Any blessing can still knock at your door. Any miracle can still be in the pipeline of your life. You are going to receive from God. Whatever you need can and will come so stay in faith. Keep your hopes up and look to the Son of God. Nothing is impossible to the one who believes. Be that one who believes and you will experience miracle after miracle. Jesus is your Savior and He adores you. I am excited to see what He is going to do in your life. My prayer is that you stand the course and keep believing. He is going to part the seas of your life. He is going to turn your water into wine. He is going to give you the peace that you need and add joy to it. God has no limitations so don’t limit Him in your head. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He always loves you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Romans 10:9


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