The fruit of the Spirit speaks

The fruit of the Spirit is something very close to my heart because it is the essence of the Holy Spirit. I love the Holy Spirit! He is such a wonderful companion and the best counselor there is. He is gentle and He is caring and He always knows what to say. He knows the words that we need to hear when we are down. He knows how to cheer us up and how to lift up our spirits. He is fun and funny. He is creative and full of resources. He inspires and He softly influences us when we let Him in. He is the best gift ever and I thank Jesus for Him every single day. I am getting more and more used to His voice. He has the most beautiful voice but when the world gets loud, it is easy to lose track of the voice of the Spirit.

 What we need to do is work on shutting down the world and opening up to the Spirit of Jesus. It is easy to do that when we are constantly listening to the voice. We can hear the voice of the Spirit in the Word of God and during praise and prayer time. We can meditate on the Lord and listen to the quiet voice that has so much to say. The Spirit will also use people, situations and events to speak to us. His voice is subtle and yet it is distinct.

When I was in deep prayer the other morning, the Holy Spirit wanted me to focus on the fruit of the Spirit. He indicated that the fruit speaks and the fruit comforts and counsels. We have to listen and we have to pay close attention to what the fruit has to say. Today I want to talk a little about what the fruit has to tell us. I will not cover the whole fruit but I will touch upon three parts of the fruit starting with love, the core of the fruit.

Love is at the center of the fruit. It is the pit, the middle of the fruit but it also permeates the whole fruit. It is the core that is found in the entire fruit because it is the most important part, the most important attribute, the most important trait of the fruit of the Spirit. What does Love have to say? Love as the fruit of the Spirit of God has a lot to say about Jesus. It talks about the victory of the Lord on the cross and it magnifies the power of His resurrection. 

The sacrifice of the Lord is the reason why we are here and it is the biggest token of love. Love is the voice of the Lord and it will always comfort you and reassure you. It will always echo how much the Lord cares about you and it will remind you that it conquers all. Love does conquer all and it doesn’t brag but it speaks the truth and the truth is that  you are in God’s hands and His love will see you through. Love speaks every day. We ought to listen to it every day.

Faith also speaks. Faith is the part of the fruit that always tastes good. It gives a great flavor to every day. It makes things look better. It gives life to the dead fruit in our lives. It gives meaning to our relationship with the Lord. It speaks about things that have not happened yet and it talks about it with boldness and assurance. Faith speaks about the impossible made possible and if you listen to it, you will not doubt the Lord and your fears will dissipate. Faith loves to be louder than your worries so give it a voice. Listen to faith and repeat what faith has to say. 

Faith has something amazingly positive to say about every circumstance and every event in your life. Faith only says good things even when things look bad. Faith has that sweet aroma that can make any bad flavor go away. Faith is a delight. Faith is great! Faith will give you a taste of victory way before victory comes to pass. Faith speaks every day. We ought to listen to it every day.

Joy also speaks. Joy has that voice that gives us a boost and that becomes our strength. Joy is always bouncing around and it tries to lure you into that happy place where the Lord wants you to be all the time. Joy speaks and it also sings. Its songs are upbeat and they beat the blues and the bad moods. Joy knows that celebrating the Lord is important and it is crucial so joy always talks about lifting up the Lord and rejoicing over Him. 

Joy has the voice of celebration that we all need to listen to especially when things are not going well. It is the opposite of what we want to hear when we are down but the voice of joy is exactly what we need. Listen to the songs of joy. There are many of them in the Word of God. Joy speaks every day. We ought to listen to it every day. Enjoy the fruit of the Spirit and let it speak through you. Give a voice to love, faith, joy, peace and all the other parts of the fruit. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Galatians 5:22; 1 Corinthians 13:4-5; Colossians 3:14

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