Rock bottom

The other day I was talking to a friend who has been going through a very hard time. Her family has been hit with trial after trial. She said that with God we can’t hit rock bottom even though it feels that we do at times. I loved that statement and the Holy Spirit took over and talked to me more about it. He explained that with God we have the assurance that things will turn out fine and that even at our lowest God is still at His best. Meditate on that. Even when we feel like we are at the bottom of the pit, God is still God and He is with us. Because He is with us, we are not going to stay in the pit.

 The first thing we need to work on is getting out of that pit in our head. A lot of our problems are located in our thinking and we need to renew it in order to increase faith and to enjoy the blessings of the Lord. Can God bless us even when we have doubt and fear? Absolutely! He is God. He can do anything but our faith pleases Him. Our faith connects us to Him, to His promises, to His provisions and to His miracles. We might be down in the pit but we don’t hit rock bottom. That is something very important to remember when we are going through difficulties.

The enemy wants us to believe that we hit rock bottom. He works on our thinking and projects gloomy ideas and despair. He is an expert at negativity and as you probably know negativity feeds on negativity. One little negative thought goes hungry quickly and feeds on more negativity. Before we know it, we think that it is the end and nothing can save us from the bottom of the pit. Today I want to encourage you and I want you to keep in mind that you are not at the bottom. God is holding you in the palm of His hand. You are suspended over the bottom. He is holding you and keeping you afloat until your faith carries you all the way back up. 

Don’t let the enemy lie to you and make you believe that it is all over and you are at the bottom. You are going to make it. In Jesus’ name you are going to recover and you are going to get out of the pit. God is holding you and there is a gap between you and the bottom of the pit. That gap is crucial. Why? That gap is hope. There is always a gap of hope. There is always hope between you and the bottom of the pit. What you need to do is clear your mind and realize that hope is there. It might appear to be a very small gap but it is there and a small amount of hope is all you need. Stand on that hope. Stand on it and let it give you the push you need to make it out of the pit.

Hope is powerful. Hope ignites faith and it gives us strength. It is the boost we need in desperate times. Let that hope be your strength and you will have the ability to go up and up. Jesus is your hope. He is standing between you and the bottom of your problems. Look at Him. Look at the gap and don’t fix your eyes on the bottom of the pit. The enemy will flash images of that bottom to scare you. You are not a child of the bottom of the pit. You are a child of the Lord most high. You are a child of the One who can do all things. 

You are a child of the King of kings. You belong in the Kingdom of Jesus and not in the bottom of negativity. Feed your mind hope. Get in the Word and feed your faith so that your doubts and fear starve, lose weight and lose their influence on your mind and on your heart. Manna from Heaven is available to you today. Ask the Holy Spirit to give it to you and you will soar again.Jesus said you are not an orphan because He won’t abandon you. When you talk to His Spirit, you connect to the Father. You are His dear child. He won’t let you down!

You have not reached rock bottom. You might be very close but the Lord is in charge of your life so turn to Him in this critical time. There might be a lot of space between you and the way out of the pit you are in but Jesus can take you out of the pit very easily. Nothing is too hard for Him. He promised to bless you and to carry you. He is faithful. Praise Him and worship Him in the pit. He is not going to allow the enemy to bury you at the bottom of the pit. Pray and keep praying. There is hope. There is always hope. Hold on to Jesus, your eternal hope! You are going to come out of that ugly place. Don’t give up! Stay encouraged. May God bless you and protect you and remember that Jesus will always love you!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:5; Psalm 94:14; John 14:18

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