A song for Jesus

Last night I thanked the Lord for the great evening I was having. There was nothing special going on other than I was with Jesus. It was all that mattered. I smiled a lot. I was very content. I was so glad I was spending time with the Lord with no distractions. I listened to a song about Jesus. One of the lyrics was about magnifying the name of Jesus and the singer said that this song was forever His. It was a great song for Jesus. When the Lord hears us, our voices are like music to His ears. He listens to what we have to say. What does your song to Jesus sound like? Is your song about how great He is? Is it  a song of thanksgiving? Is it a song of doubt and fear? Is it a song of complaints? Today I want you to think about what you tell the Lord and what you don’t tell Him for that matter. What does your song to Him sound like? What messages does your song send Him?

I talk to the Lord more and more outside of my prayer time. I used to have set times for me to talk to Him which didn’t make sense. When you think about it, Jesus is always there and He is always listening. He doesn’t listen to us more just because we are praying. We don’t have to make an announcement and say we are going into prayer for Him to listen. He hears our every thought and our every word and He loves it when we talk to Him. You might think that since He hears what is inside we don’t need to speak. We do or better said we need to express what’s inside. He wants to hear us express our faith, our love, our gratitude, our respect, our enthusiasm out loud if we can. If inner thoughts are all we can give Him, it is fine as well. What we need to do is express something to Him. Silent prayers are prayers too. Words spoken in our hearts are words too. All of them are a song we sing to Jesus and we should pay attention to what that song sounds like.

I don’t want my song to Jesus to sound like a cranky old country song that expresses sadness and remorse all the time. My song to Him has to be joyful. My song to Him has to be a tribute to His goodness and to His love. I am working on my song every single day now. I work on the lyrics and I make sure that the chorus echoes my love for Him. Jesus is the main topic of my song. My song to Him used to be too much about myself until I learned that I was here to adore Him and worship Him. Have you ever heard praise and worship songs that are more about the person singing than they are about the Lord? Songs that describe how wonderful the singer is and how much he or she accomplishes. Our songs to the Lord should be melodies about the King of kings. When I thanked the Lord for the nice evening I was having, I sang part of the nice song I have for Him. I encourage you to thank Jesus all the time about anything and everything. Gratitude is a beautiful song. Thanksgiving is a good thing to sing.

When we talk to the Lord we should magnify Him and glorify Him. Let’s take moments to just adore the Lord with no hidden agenda and with no reason other than to give Him the glory. We ought to do that more and more. We are meant to worship Him. That is our number one priority and that is why we were created. We have taken many steps away from our number one purpose but we can get back there by making sure we talk to Him with love and adoration. Think about what you tell the Lord on a daily basis. Express your love. Express your joy. Express your gratitude. Express your needs as well but don’t let them be all you talk about. Jesus wants to hear you. He is waiting for you. Sing your song to Him every day! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 59:16; Psalm 63:3-4; Colossians 3:16


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