When God is our everything

My understanding of my relationship with the Lord is that it is about a connection with Him and love. Love is what connects us. He wants me to love Him more than anyone and anything. He loves me more than I will ever know and my goal in life is to get to know Him as much as I can. He is this massive God who is too big for any box and any limitations we might have in our minds. “Knowing God more” is the one thing I pursue every day. When I lose sight of this great goal, His Spirit reminds me of what my priorities should be. 

Now, I used to believe in having many rituals and religious practices in order to please God and to know God. God is more interested in our hearts than in our deeds. When He fills our hearts, the good deeds follow. When He is our priority, everything we are supposed to do happens naturally. I had the wrong approach. I went after the practices that I believed would get me closer to God. God is the ritual. God is the practice. God is the priority. God is everything.

“God is everything” is a strong statement and it is not an easy reality. We often struggle with making Him everything. We often put others in front of Him when He should come first. Having God be everything in our lives might sound like a sacrifice and it is to some degree but it is extremely worth it. When God is first, everything else falls into place. Seek His kingdom first and everything else will be added unto you. I love that verse. It was the highlight of my summer last year. God was teaching me how to live this life with Him and the secret is to make Him number one and to not worry about anything. 

We should not fear and we should not worry because we have the Lord. If He truly is our everything, we know that nothing can come between us and He has our back. That is what I am still learning. I am still learning how God, my everything, has everything under control. I don’t have to be anxious. When anxiety and fear come, I put Jesus between the negativity and myself. I call on His name. I praise Him, my everything!

When God is our everything, everything will be just fine. It might take some time. We might face terrible situations but God has us in the palm of His hand and everything will work out for the best. When God is our everything, we are in line with His will. We can’t go wrong. When God is our everything, there is always something new happening. God puts great new things into motion in our lives. When God is our everything, His mercies are new every morning and we have blessings chasing after us. When God is our everything, we are led by His Spirit and we get to know the truth. 

When God is our everything, love, peace, joy and faith are our daily companions. They blossom in our lives and they put a pep in our step. God should be our everything. Let’s get to that point. Let’s work on removing hurdles and distractions that are taking us away from God. Let’s adore the Creator and not His creation. Let’s focus on our connection with Jesus without being obsessed with religious acts and ideologies that remove the Lord from the whole equation. God is everything that matters. You, friend, are everything that matters to Him. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you.

Suggested reading: 2 Timothy 3:16; James 4;7; 2 Peter 3:18

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