The nature of God

What is the nature of God? What characteristics does He have? Do you ever ask yourself those questions? What are God’s most important traits? I think those questions are important because the way we see God will underline what we expect from God. We can have faith in what God is and sometimes our faith is based on a wrong approach and wrong perspective. We can also focus on aspects of God while missing the most crucial traits and characteristics of the Lord. I used to see God as a God of provision more than anything else. He does provide for us and He cares about His children but is that the most significant aspect of who He is? God is love. Before anything else God is love. He has love and He is love. If we want to get to know Him better, we have to remember that He is love and that His love is eternal, indestructible and always powerful. The nature of God is found in love. Think about what that implies and let that truth correct and mold your vision of God.

God has always existed. God has always been around. God is everywhere. God is always everywhere at the same time. God is powerful. God has the power to do anything and to change anything. God is love. God is love all the time and He has love for everyone. Love is where it all starts but love has always existed. It might have come into your life at a certain point but it has always been there. I believe it is necessary to see the power and the magnitude of love. It is helpful to understand that love has always been around and that it has stood the test of time. The most powerful force in the universe is with you and in you. God is with you. His nature is with you. His love is with you. The nature of God is living in your life and you should get to learn more about it and to embrace it. We have so many representations of God in the world. There are filtered presentations of God that are not accurate. Get to know God through God. Know love, know God. Know God and you will always know love.

If anyone portrays the nature of God with a lack of love, don’t take it at face value. Question anything and anyone who removes love from who God is. Love is what saved you. Love is what saves you. Love is what helps you. Love is what keeps you going. Love is behind the blessings and the miracles in your life. Love gives meaning to your relationship with God. Love is the link that connects you to God. Love is the reason you are here today. Love is spiritual and remember that God is spirit. His nature is to be Spirit. We ought to worship Him in spirit and in truth with love as our backdrop. You can worship the Lord with music and you can worship Him with prayers and with actions motivated by love. When we have a relationship with God, we can’t help but imitate Him. We take after Him and the number one thing we should show the world is the love that is in God. We have His love and we need to give that love to the world. We can’t be a church that thrives on judgment and on criticism. We can’t be a church that puts love on the back burner because when we do, we redefine God and we don’t do Him justice.

The nature of God is in you and me, friend. We are the ones that can give the world a better idea of who God is and what He is all about. God is light and in Him there is no darkness. We carry His light and we carry His love. Let’s take the nature of God in consideration every day and let’s give His incredible nature a chance to shine through us. There is so much pain and so much sadness in this world. People need the nature of God. People need to be touched by love. People need to be introduced to the Lord who saves, loves, helps, protects, cares, provides because He is love. My prayer is that we will all be servants of love that share God’s love and that silence the wrong representations of God. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 4:24; 1 John 1:5; 1 John 4:8

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