God won’t stop

God won’t stop loving you. God won’t stop being God no matter what you do and no matter what happens to you. God won’t stop being faithful to His Word. He won’t stop giving you all you need and more. Nothing can change God. Nothing can stop Him from being the God of love and deliverance. If you feel like you are in a season where God has stopped loving you and blessing you, don’t trust those feelings. Nothing in the world can ever separate you from the love of God. Those feelings are there to confuse you and to harm your faith. God will never ever think of you differently. Your sins and your mistakes are not tampering with the way the Lord loves you. God will wipe your tears and comfort you anytime you need Him. Sin can have a stronghold on your mind and make you believe that God has been turned off by your trespasses and your transgressions. That is not true at all.

Today I am here to remind you that your loving God is still in love with you and He is still God. Your current situation doesn’t diminish God. Your current problems don’t stop God from being able to set you free. Your current trials are not more powerful than God. Your current circumstances won’t stop God from encouraging you and from helping you. God is never tired of getting you out of trouble so believe that He won’t stop helping you even when it looks like nothing good is going to happen. Faith knows that God doesn’t change and you should listen to your faith even if it has a tiny voice. The small voice of faith in your heart counts more than the loud voices of doubt in your mind. Go with the small voice and you will see big positive results. God won’t stop giving you signs and evidence that all is going to be alright. God won’t stop covering you and protecting you. Keep that in mind next time that you feel alone and abandoned. God won’t stop shielding you and accompanying you wherever you go.

God won’t stop loving you and you have to hold on to that truth because life can be tough as you know. When life gets tough it’s easy to think that we have lost God’s favor and that His love is moving away from us. His love is always present and it can’t ever go away. God’s love is perfect and it never has glitches or shortcomings. God won’t stop smiling at you. If you could see Him, you would see that His smile for you is permanent. He never has a frown on His face. He thinks about you all the time and His thoughts about you are good, pure and noble. God won’t stop seeing you as His child. He is a proud Father and He delights in you so delight in His love and delight in who He is. Thank Him for being consistent and for loving you forever. You are blessed because you have a Savior who will never stop taking care of you, helping you and watching over you. God is faithful and He stands by His promises. Learn more about His promises in His Word and you will understand that He truly is the God who won’t stop blessing you and loving you. You are highly favored by a God who is always the same. Enjoy Him! Celebrate Him! May God bless you and protect and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Malachi 3:6; Numbers 23:19; James 1:17

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