God can do anything

God can do anything He wants to get you out of your present condition. He can get you out of the worst situations. He can truly do the impossible. Have faith in His impossible. It is the lack of faith that blocks our blessings and our breakthroughs. There is so much more that can happen to us. There are blessings with our names of them that are waiting to be delivered. The goal is to keep trusting and to keep hoping in the Lord. You can choose to believe the lies of the world and stay in the condition you are in now or you can believe that the God of the impossible can and will do amazing things for you. It’s time we amplified the volume of our faith and we started speaking like people of God. People who know God. People who follow God and people who are not afraid of anything because they have God. We have been traumatized by fear for too long. We have been made fun of by the enemy because of the anxiety and the worries we develop. We spend too much time rehearsing negative scenarios and not enough time giving faith free rein in our lives. We are children of the living God and we ought to act in line with the Word of truth. Let’s act like God can do anything because He can.

“God can do anything.” Repeat that every day. It helps to hear yourself say powerful statements like this one. It is great for your faith. We need to develop a Christian culture of faith where we believe in the impossible and we know with our entire being that nothing, absolutely nothing is too big for God. “What if nothing happens?” you might wonder. Don’t think of the nothings and the what-ifs. Focus on what God said could happen and He said that nothing will be impossible for the one who believes in Him. Believe that you can have all you need and all the blessings you deserve in the name of Jesus. Start the day with a strong dose of faith by letting your faith take you to high altitudes as you declare the truth of the Gospel over your life. Speak like Jesus. Speak for Jesus. Speak over your life using Jesus’ words. Claim blessings from Heaven. Claim your seat in Heave and declare “on earth as it is in Heaven.” You are entitled to solutions, breakthroughs, blessings, peace, joy, and to much more. Don’t let the bad events of your life rob you of the faith that can change you for a lifetime!

God can do anything He wants when He wants it and that includes saving you and helping you wherever you are. I know that when I am in a bad place, I can’t think straight and I can’t think positively. Friend, know that the enemy is delighted when we have negative thoughts and we keep meditating on them. He understands how bad it is spiritually and emotionally. He loves it when negative thinking takes a toll on us and we run away from God. Don’t run away. Run to God. Run to the One who can do anything. “Anything” means absolutely anything even the biggest deliverance and the biggest blessing you think is not for you. God can do anything you need. Don’t give up on Him. Don’t try other avenues to get what you need. Go down the Lord’s path of trust and faith. Great things are going to come. Your answers are on their way. Believe and trust that the Lord still has the ability to do the impossible! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Job 42:2; Matthew 19:26; Hebrews 6:18

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