God is the encouragement

You have probably heard a lot of encouragement based on the Bible. You have probably read verses that have given you a boost when you needed it. Now, think about all this encouragement coming from God. He is the author of the best encouragement there is. He wouldn’t encourage you to keep going and to continue if there wasn’t a good reason. The reason is Him. God is the reason for the encouragement. Why keep going? Because of God. Because the reason why you are going to make it and things are going to get better is God Himself. He is alive and well. He is the reason why tomorrow is going to be better. He is the reason why you can stay in the present and enjoy life even when things are tough. The reason for the encouragement today is God. That is the best reason you can get. Let Him encourage you. Let Him make your life a place where you win and where you have peace. God is the reason. Not your pastor and not the preacher. They are delivering messages but remember that God is the message. God is why you are blessed and that will never change.

Are you blessed? Yes, if Jesus is your Savior, you are highly blessed and favored. Why is it then that you go through troubled times and you feel like bad luck is following you? First of all, the enemy is the one who is trying to make you believe those lies. Bad luck and misfortune are not what is happening to you. If you believe the lies of the enemy long enough, you will accept his fate easily. Bad things happen to everyone including believers. You are still blessed. You are still favored. You still have the Lord. God is still the best encouragement. Take Him at face value and reverse your thinking. You have all it takes because you have the Lord. When things are not going well, you need the best encouragement you can get. God is the best encouragement. What you need right now is a hug from Heaven and Jesus gives the best hug. Don’t dwell on the problems. Don’t spend time imagining how bad it’s going to get. Shake yourself off and turn to Jesus. Turn to the best encouragement. A few minutes with the Lord can change a whole day of headaches into moments of bliss. You need to hold on to the encouragement that never disappoints.

How is God going to be your encouragement? Make a choice. Choose Him over the aggravation. Choose Him over the lies of the enemy. Choose Him over the stress and the anxiety. It’s not easy but you can surely do it. Take some time to turn to God. Say a simple prayer. Pray and surrender. Accept His encouraging words. Find scriptures that give you hope. Know that Jesus is hope and that with Him nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible. Have a face-to-face with God. Whatever that looks like for you. Develop face-to-face times with the Lord. Times when you can get inspired and encouraged. The One who can encourage you more than anyone else will have something to tell you and He will change your perspective. He will bring you along and take you on a path of hope and peace. God is the encouragement you need today so turn to Him now. Enjoy what He is going to do for you. He is going to change everything around and leave you with incredible peace. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 20:4; Isaiah 12:2; John 16:33


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