Finding God in your broken place

Sometimes it is during the bad times and the broken times that we find God. Sometimes it is when we spend time in those broken places that we find God. Sometimes it is a broken heart to find God. It is in our weakness that the Lord is our strength. It is in the places where hope is gone, that we can unearth the truth of God. Why? Because His truth is the only thing that still stands and that can fix us. When something is broken, we have to find what it takes to put it back together. In the natural, it can mean glue, scotch tape or something else that will hold every piece together. When you are in your broken place, you need the Lord to put you back together. You need His glue, His scotch tape and whatever else He chooses to mend you. God is there in the broken places of life. Those places can feel very lonely but God is everywhere. Nothing can ever separate you from God. Next time you are in a broken place, remember that nothing is going to prevent God from being with you and because He is with you, you can expect restoration and some major fixing.

The broken places of life can look different for everyone. One thing they have in common is that they signify a rupture, a break and a disconnection. Being sick is a broken place that can isolate us and make us feel alone. The broken place of illness is not only a lonely place that at times we believe we can never leave. Jesus is still a healer. He is the ultimate healer. When you are in that broken place, call on Him. Call on Him and confess that by His stripes you were healed. Accept His healing. Embrace the fact that He can still heal today. Develop your faith in His ability to heal today. If we believe in parts of the Bible, we should believe in all parts of them. Why believe in the resurrection and not believe in healing? I think that if we preached more about healing and people heard the truth about it, people would have more faith in it and we would experience more healing. Believe that in your broken place of sickness, the Lord is present and He is waiting for you to express your faith.

If you are in a broken place today, whether it is financial, emotional, spiritual or physical, know that there is hope for you. The Lord God Almighty is ready to mend your heart and to fix the place where you have been. He doesn’t want you to dwell in a place of misery. He doesn’t want you to stay broken and to miss out on what He has for you. He is smiling at you and calling you. He wants you to hold His hand, trust in His Word and believe that He can fix everything. Your broken place is a temporary location. It is not where you belong and it is not where you will live forever. Say a prayer. Tell Jesus how much you love Him and how much you need Him today. Ask Him to fix your situation and thank Him for intervening. Stay positive during the process of restoration by speaking the Word of God over your situation. When you are broken, God is strong and He is whole and He will make you whole. Don’t lose hope. The Lord is putting back all the pieces one by one and He is creating something better than what you had. Stay in faith. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Mark 9:23; Romans 8:28; Ephesians 2:8-9

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