You are not alone

Today I want to encourage you to stay the course. God is not going to let you down. God is not going to abandon you. I can speak from experience but I can also relay what the Word of God says. The Word is truth. God is not a liar and when He says He would never leave you nor forsake you, He means it. The enemy will try to blind you to the truth and he will throw some diversion and distractions in the mix so you can feel abandoned. He wants you to walk away from God. Remember that God never walks away from you. It doesn’t matter if you have rejected it or if your faith took a toll. Turn back to Him. He will welcome you with open arms and He will show you that He is faithful and He will do what He said He would do. God adores you. He loves you more than anything, more than anyone and more than you love yourself. He loves spending every day with you so spend every day with Him by acknowledging Him in all you do. You are not alone. God lives with you and in you!

God is not in the business of deserting people. Every time someone was separated from God, it was never anything that God had caused to happen. He happens to love everyone and to be with everyone but faith is what connects us to Him and without faith we can’t know Him. He is always present and He is always good. Today is no different from any other day for God. He is still with you and He is still for you. God wants the best for you and He knows that the best thing for you is to do life with Him. Get to know Him and trust that He is by your side at all times. Perhaps you are reading this message for a very specific reason. Perhaps God has been trying to get your attention. Perhaps He has been trying to get you back to where you were. God is with you and He is taking care of you. His arms are wide open. Accept the hug and enjoy His embrace.

You are precious to God. You might have experienced rejection from men. You might have felt alone for a while but know that you mean the world to the Lord. Jesus died for you. He died for you so you can be close to God. He bridged the gap with the Father. He created this new life for you where He will never leave you. He is closer than a brother and He knows you better than a mother. His presence is all you need. You don’t need to feel it. You need to know that it is there. God would never leave you stranded. He doesn’t like to be away from you so He just never leaves your side. Don’t believe the lies of the devil. God would never leave you. If you are feeling like He is far, don’t rely on your feelings. Don’t go with your emotions. God is in your heart. His Spirit is in your spirit and you are never alone. Enjoy His fellowship. Enjoy His presence. Talk to Him as much as you can. You are not alone. Keep that in mind. God is with you 24/7. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading:Matthew 28:20;  Hebrews 13:5; Ephesians 2:4-5

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