More of God

19 years ago God changed my life by opening my eyes to His reality. He gave me more of Him. He gave me a new lease on life. He showed me that there was more and that He transcended everything that I had learned. He taught me that He was more than an ideology. He told me that He was above and beyond anything I had lived and experienced until then. I was saved. I had accepted Jesus into my life but I had not experienced Him. I had not invited Him to be fully operational in my life. I had too much control of my life and all He wanted was for me to surrender and to let Him take the lead. I remember waking up one day and feeling this coat all over me.

 It was as if someone had put a cover or a warm blanket over my spirit. It was a physical sensation that was more than the physical. It was beyond the natural. It was spiritual and I could sense it in my body and in my spirit. The Lord was sitting on the throne of my life. I had given Him permission to come in and to make Himself at home. It was a cold winter day in March. That Sunday night I renounced my old life and I told the Lord that I wanted Him and only Him and I asked Him to use me.

God listens to the pleas of our heart. He sees us. He knows us. He understands the desires of our hearts and when we make Him our number one desire, He gives us all the right desires and He builds Himself up inside of us. He assists us in the pursuit of our faith. Once we lay the foundation, choosing Jesus, the Lord adds bricks and He helps us with the next layers. That Sunday night I chose the right foundation and my heart cried out to God. He got tired of living for myself when I should have been living for Jesus. It is that cry that opened the door to learning more about God. 

That cry was what He needed to hear. My life changed that week. The coat of the Holy Spirit became obvious in the following days. I became a fan of Jesus. I had loved Him before but this was different. I was aware of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and He made me love Jesus even more. I was content sitting there with the Lord and doing nothing but worshiping Him. I was content everywhere I went because I knew Jesus was there. Adoration and praise were part of my daily routine. They turned into a lifestyle and I cherished them so much because they were great expressions of my love for Jesus.

God is His Word and He is alive. He is more than words that we can memorize. He is the living Word and you and I can live with Him every day and enjoy Him every day. Once we make Jesus our Savior, we should continue to pursue Him and to follow Him. We should be “more minded.” We should understand that there is always more. We can go from glory to glory and we can know Jesus more all the time. There is no stopping the heart of the one who lives for Jesus. Like I said, Jesus gives you the desires of your heart and all of them are connected to giving Him glory and to exalting Him. 

You can get to higher levels of knowing God. Ask Him to take you up the ladder of your journey. It is your race. It is not a race against anyone else. It is your path and it is your journey. Praise Jesus more. Pray more. Confide in Him more. Talk to Him more. Focus on Him more. Talk about Him more. Make Him your priority more. Give in to Him more. Celebrate Him more. Exalt Him more. Talk like Him more. Smile like Him more. Follow Him more. There is more of Jesus you can get to know and you can share with the world. Love like Jesus. Share His mind and walk like Him. There is more of God available to you. Enjoy Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:4; John 15:7; 1 John 5:14-15


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