10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 218)

Praying and meditating on the Word of God make your spiritual insight sharper. They help you walk by faith and not by sight. They help you develop spiritual discernment and they keep you close to the Lord.

Because you have Jesus in you, you have the essence of love. You have the biggest power in the universe living in you. Don’t ignore the love that died for the world. Remind yourself every day that greater is the love that is in you than the hate that is in this world!

People need to hear about Jesus. People need to hear from Jesus. People need to hear the truth that you know. People need to be set free and you have the ability to make that happen. Share Jesus through your words, your actions and your deeds.

Worry is never God talking to you. It is your fears renting too much space in your mind. Evict them and make room for God’s Word. It is full of hope and it creates faith in you.

Seek the kingdom and God’s righteousness and everything will be given to you. Be a doer of the Word and blessings will follow you. Walk in love, stay in faith, pray and adore the Lord and peace will be attached to you!

The best way to defeat fear and worry is to praise and pray. Praise Jesus. He inhabits His praises and He will give you peace the surpasses all understanding. Pray to the Lord and He will speak comfort and encouragement to your heart!

Be out of balance. Let your balance tilt high up in the God category. Don’t have the same amount of God and of the world. Be more into God than you are into the world!

An addiction to Jesus is the healthiest dependence you can have. It messes up the mess is inside and it disturbs the negative thoughts that rage in your mind.

God is so many steps ahead of you that most of the time the only way you can see Him is by walking by faith and not by sight!

True love doesn’t lie. True love doesn’t hurt. True love doesn’t confuse you. True love doesn’t give up on. God’s love is pure, true, consistent, healing, restoring and it lies in the truth!

Suggested reading: Psalm 143:8; Matthew 6:33; Ephesians 4:2-3

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