Start fresh this week

God is the good of second chances. He is the God of fresh starts. He is the God of new mercies. We can always start afresh with Him. We can always grab that second chance and enjoy a new start. He gives us a new slate when we turn to Him. When we sin, we can repent and have our sins forgiven. God will always honor His Word and He said that if we confess our sins, He is just to forgive us. His mercies are new every morning. Every morning is a great new start. God can and will do new things in our lives every day. If something doesn’t exist in our lives and we trust God, He will make that thing come to pass. 

God will move Heaven and earth to create something new in our lives. The opportunities that others have and we don’t have are not an indication that God doesn’t want to bless us. You and I have our custom made blessings and they can come today. Today is a new day. This week is a new week. I want to encourage you to start fresh this week and give yourself a new chance to connect with God, to receive from God and to walk hand in hand with God

As you start fresh this week, focus on your mindset. Focus on thinking more in line with God. Forget about what didn’t work in the past in your thinking. Forget about how negative thinking dominated your days. Forget about where you missed and how you might have failed in your head. We are told to renew our thinking with the Word of God. We are told to work on our thinking. It takes time and dedication and this week we can set our minds on the right things and decide to watch what we think and to do a better job controlling our thoughts. The Word of God is what we need to infuse in our minds. 

We can start this week by deciding to read God’s Word more. Let’s set aside more time for the Word this week. Let’s have a new Bible time commitment this week. We can do 5 minutes a day as a start. The goal is to start interacting with the Word of God more often than we did in the past. We can give it 5 or 10 minutes and then meditate on those words during the day. Injecting the Word in our thinking will be like “cleaning house” and making room for the mind of Christ so that it can occupy our thoughts little by little. 

You can start fresh with prayer as well. How is your prayer life now? We can all improve it. We can all pray more or pray differently. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray more in the Spirit. Ask Him to guide you in prayer and to help you stay tuned to His directions. Ask Him to open the eyes of the Spirit so you can be more attentive to His voice. Decide to start afresh with a prayer life that pleases God and that allows you to connect with Him more. If you never give Him a chance to speak when you are praying, you can decide to start prayer with silence from now on. 

Start by thanking Him for being with you and tell Him you are all ears. It might take a few days for you to get used to this new way of praying. Give it a try and see what He does. Prayer like I often say is a lot about listening and not just about requests. Develop a new outlook on prayer. The Lord will assist you. A new way of praying might not be as complicated as it sounds. God has what you need including a new way of praying that will refresh you spiritually. Go after it this week. He will inspire you and give you what you need. 

Start afresh with how you respond to life events. Panicking and freaking out are habits that don’t help us. They don’t move us in the right direction and yet we resort to them all the time. Start fresh with your attitude to life. Refuse to give in to panic and fear. Take control by giving Jesus control. Your words are powerful. Speak against the panic and the stress. Decide this week that when something bad comes up, you will react with Jesus. Make the effort to react with God. It’s a great week to start imposing God on your problems and on your feelings and emotions. Don’t deny that you are going through a hard time but give the hard time a hard time by refusing to throw in the towel. Be stronger by getting your strength from the Lord. 

The enemy would be happy to see you fail and crumble this week. God is happy to support you and to help you get through anything. Choose God. Choose hope. Choose peace. Choose Jesus. How? By declaring Him when things are screaming pain and trouble. Make Jesus louder in your life. Start this week. Start making Him bigger in your life by also saying that He is greater than anything that comes your way. My prayer is that you enjoy some new beginnings this week. New beginnings that get you closer to God. May God bless you and protect and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:24; Lamentations 3:22-23; James 1:5

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