When you are spiritually dry

Feeling dull spiritually is not the best feeling but it happens to the best of us. Do you ever feel like you are not excited about God or you don’t have it in you to pray or to praise Him? What do you do when that happens to you? Feeling spiritually disconnected from God can be caused by different things. I don’t think there is one universal reason other than the fact that we draw away from Him. The question is, what is taking us away from God? What are the elements in our lives that are digging a hole of separation between the Lord and us? 

That hole takes on forms that are sometimes hard to identify. The main thing to remember is that faith is crucial when it comes to knowing God and connecting to God. When we are having a spiritual lapse or we are going through a spiritual drought, we need to consider what we have been paying attention to. Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. Fear comes from hearing and hearing the world or some negative thoughts. 

Your disconnection from God could be caused by paying more attention to everyone and everything but God. When the world gets a hold of your mind and of your heart, your faith takes a beating so to speak. You develop faith in the things of the world including things that are not from God. There are so many things that seem so good and so pure and so comforting but they are not founded in God and they can hurt us spiritually. They can take a toll on our stand with God by pushing us in the wrong direction. 

It is always important to test the spirits behind what we trust and what we believe in. Is God behind it? Is the enemy behind it? Is man behind it? Is it based on the truth? If you spend time looking at what you are listening to and following, you might find the answer to your problem. I recently was in a spiritual funk and I found out that I was spending too much time focusing on what people were telling me and not enough time in the Word.

You might have heard that the Word of God is the solution to every remedy. It is a medicine. It is healing. It is transforming. There is a cure for spiritual dullness and it is the Word of God. However, the dullness can be so strong that we can’t get to the Word or we can’t motivate ourselves to read the Word. Prayer is one thing that we are given that works wonders when we don’t know what to do. All we have to do is say a simple prayer and ask for help. The Lord always listens. He listens to the prayers of our hearts and He pays attention. Spiritual dryness is not a problem for God. 

He can water our spirit with the water of His Spirit no matter how dry things are in us. Pray to God and He will answer. You don’t have to feel anything. All you have to do is pray with a sincere heart. You might not see a change overnight but God will do something for sure. He said that people don’t get what they want because they don’t ask Him. They sit idly hoping for the best. We can’t sit around and wait for a change. We need to make a move and walk in His direction. He will meet us halfway. Let’s knock on His door and He will open it.

There is a song in your heart that is waiting to come out right now if you are going through a rough spiritual time. The Holy Spirit is still in you. You are still His dwelling place. You have the power of the Lord in you even when you are not feeling it or seeing it. Don’t let the dryness blind you to the truth that God is still in your life and that you can get over this. The truth is where you should start and it says that God will never leave you nor forsake you. Fight this spiritual battle with the truth. Things might seem dull but they are not broken and they are not destroyed. God is living in the middle of this chaos. Find Him by letting that song of hope come out. Sing to Him. Give Him a shout of praise. 

You can literally shout out the dullness. Tap your feet. Do a dance. Move. Move away from the dryness. You can do this. God in you is bigger than the desert you have been facing. There is hope for you today and every day. You are going to make it. You are going to be on fire for the Lord again. Pray, talk to Him, make your way back to His Word, remember that His Spirit is still in you. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 94:18-19; Proverbs 3:5-6; 2 Timothy 1:7

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