Jesus did it again

If every day was a different chapter of the book of your life, what recurring theme would there be in the title of each chapter? Would it be about pain, survival, faith, failure, joy? There could be thousands of different titles or you could narrow down the titles to a few chosen ones. My titles would have to do with Jesus. One recurring theme would be “Jesus did it again.” This title would come back often because it sums up a lot of my days. My days are not about me anymore. They are about the Lord and what He does with my days. Like I have mentioned before, I put my days in the hands of the Lord. This allows me to rely on Him and to expect Him to show up all day long. He is a big part of my day because I make Him a big part of my day.

 I have to actively give Him room and make Him a priority. It is a challenge at times but I am willing to take on that challenge. Jesus is with me every single day. That awareness has been growing and it is as sweet as honey. His presence, His involvement in my life are beyond what I could have ever wished for. All this takes place because He is in the title of every day of my life. My chapters are always about Him. I let Him have the spotlight and He does an excellent job every day. Friend, Jesus is with you just as much as He is with me or with the most prominent pastor you might know. He wants to be in the titles of your life. He wants first place and He wants to count more than anyone else. Let Him write today’s chapter and let Him be the main protagonist.

“Jesus did it again” is what I get to say at the end of the day every day. When I am praying at night, I share my gratitude with Him and I thank Him for what He did during the day. I thank Him for revealing Himself to me and for all the love that oozed out of Him on that day. There is always something good and positive I can find about the day and it is always thanks to Jesus. He is actively blessing me and helping me every day. He is doing the same thing for you, friend. All you have to do is to be aware of Him. Pray that He opens the eyes of your understanding and you will receive wisdom and you will be aware of His presence in your life. 

God does so much and yet sometimes we see so little. He is the writer of your story. As a born again believer, you have a beautiful story to tell and it should all be about Jesus. Every chapter starts with Jesus and every chapter should end with Jesus. It is not about you, friend. It’s about Him. It’s about Him in you and you can choose to see your story from His perspective or from the perspective of the world and of your mind. Your everyday story echoes the truth of the Bible or at least it should. When you remain in Jesus and He remains in you, every story title has love, victory, blessings and salvation in them.

The closer I get to the Lord and the more alive and present He is to me. It’s not that He is dormant when I am far from Him. He is always the same. I just need to get over myself and tune in more. I need to give Him the space He deserves in my life instead of making myself a priority. When I seek the kingdom first, when I seek His face, everything aligns with His Word and it is a great experience. I see His hand at work in my life and I know that He holds me in the palm of His hand. It’s not a Sunday thing. It’s an everyday occurrence. There are many versions of our stories and it is better to go with the Lord’s version. 

It is better to get on His page and read our lives through His eyes. He sees a bright future. He sees us the way we are. He sees the blessings and the love that are around us and in us. He sees His reality and that is the one reality that matters. He sees the story of a great individual loved by God. He sees your story and He loves every page of it. Today’s chapter is about Jesus in you and about how much He loves you. Be sure to read the same story He is reading and thank Him for writing it. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Galatians 2:20; 1 John 4:4; 1 John 4:16

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