Expectations for the week

Another week is about to start and it is exciting to know that the Lord is going to be with us all week long. What do you anticipate? What do you expect to learn or to experience this week? I believe expectations are very important. God has expectations for us and we need to get on the same page so that we expect what is meant to be ours and not what the world says we should expect. When a new week starts, we should be filled with high hopes and with good expectations. The number one expectation I have at the start of the week is that God is going to be the same all week long. His Word, the dear Bible that I own, is going to hold true all week long. Nothing that will happen is going to change the Word of God. Nothing that will take place is going to diminish God or to decrease His ability to bless me and to love me. The week will happen and so will God. I love saying that God is happening all the time. God is going to be present every day of this week and He is going to demonstrate that He still reigns and that His love for me is still very much present and very powerful. My expectation is that God will triumph, His love will prevail and His peace will dominate me. The same is true for you, friend!

Sunday is a good day to review our expectations for the week. It’s easy to have the Sunday blues and to let our emotions get the best of us. God is not in our emotions and in our feelings and He doesn’t expect us to let our feelings dictate what our minds should think about the week. Our feelings are the backbone of our flesh and our flesh is weak. Our feelings can make the level of fear and worry go up in our bodies. The Lord is very clear in His Word about fear. Fear is not of Him. Fear is not good for us. Fear should be banished and resisted. Fear is a burden that should be turned over to Him. Fear is not our friend. Fear will not help us. If you are experiencing fear just thinking about the week, give it to the Lord in prayer. Don’t embrace it and don’t accept it as something that is natural and that you should keep. The expectations for the week should be backed up by faith. I make some powerful declarations on Sunday about the week. I express my faith and I speak to the mountains. I speak blessings over the week and I thank God for the week ahead. He helps me see the good and He shows me I should not adopt a negative outlook. My expectations for the week are high and they are justified by the Word of God. One thing we should all expect is that we are going to make it through the week and nothing will be too difficult.

We can do all things through Christ who is our strength. The Bible says so and I believe it. There is nothing you and I won’t be able to do this week because Jesus strengthens us. We have all it takes to make it and to accomplish everything that we will have to do this week. Monday is not greater than our God. Difficulties are not greater than our God. Trials are not greater than our God. We should expect to overcome and to make it in the name of Jesus. We might have deadlines, meetings or tasks that we are dreading. Those are opportunities for us to display our faith and to continue to trust God. Let’s ban all these things that give us anxiety. They are banned when we speak the Word of God over them and we say that in Jesus, we are more than overcomers. Our expectations for this week should be anchored in Jesus. They should be anchored to the hope of the world. Hope is what we should use to navigate through this week. Let’s thank God for Jesus. Let’s thank God for hope. Hope is alive today and it will be alive all week. Have the right expectations for the week. Have God sized expectations for this week. Stay in faith and stay encouraged. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Philippians 4:13; Colossians 1:11; Ephesians 3:16

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