Discouraging your discouragement

Discouragement comes in many forms and they all have the same ending. We end up losing hope and feeling afraid. I have been discouraged just as many times as anyone else and I dislike that feeling. Discouragement is a thief that steals our peace and that makes us look at life through the eyes of despair. When we are discouraged, we feel abandoned by God. Discouragement plays with our feelings and makes us focus on our emotions instead of focusing on the truth. It slows us down and it stalls our spiritual progress. Discouragement can be powerful but our Lord God is much more powerful. He has the right words for us. Words that kill discouragement and that revive our hope. I have found that God’s words always encourage me and give me what seems like a new lease on life. His words can change the atmosphere and paint everything with the colors of hope. God doesn’t give up and He doesn’t believe in discouragement so He will always have the motivation and the help we need to make it in any situation.

Do you know what the Lord is telling you today if you are discouraged? He is telling you to keep going. He is telling you that you shouldn’t give up. Keep walking and keep hoping. Jesus is not dead so hope is not dead. As long as Jesus is alive, hope will never die and we know that Jesus will never die. He came back from the dead victorious after defeating the enemy. The discouragement that the enemy is serving you now is a spiritual illusion that appears to be real. It feels real. It looks real and it is real on some levels but God’s reality is what truly matters. His reality will help you discourage your discouragement. It will deflate it and it will put it back on the shelf of the things that no longer serve you. Discouragement never serves a good purpose so we have to detach from it and banish it.

How do you discourage your discouragement? With God’s help. The Lord has all the tools you need to make a hole in the veil of discouragement that is over your head. Thanks to Him you will not only pierce it but you will also remove it and put it away. When it tries to come back, you will have what it takes to keep it at bay. Discouragement finds a spot in our heads and then it attacks our hearts. The Word of God is the best tool. Think about what it is. It is words. Words full of life and full of power. Those words can take down discouragement. Discouragement likes to have a monologue in our minds so we need to interrupt the negative banter by speaking against it. There are thousands of words in the Bible that can bring discouragement down. Make a list of verses that pump you up and use them regularly.

Discouragement like anything from the enemy, doesn’t like God and His Word. It hates hearing the Word so you need to keep speaking the Word of God against it. Friend, it does wonders. It works very well and it conquers the negativity that discouragement presents to us. Divorce discouragement. Serve papers to it by using the words of life that will always stand in the way of the enemy. I do it all the time. It is amazing how the words of God always do the trick. I recognize the presence of discouragement. I speak against it. I keep doing it until that wall of despair is coming down. Then joy comes in and peace settles in my heart. I discourage discouragement with the Word of God, with the joy of the Lord, with the peace of the Lord and with prayer. When I pray against discouragement I also affirm the power of God and the power of the Blood of Jesus. Affirm God against discouragement. You will get amazing results and you will get very encouraged. Stand your ground. Don’t give up. The Lord has your back. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; John 16:33; Hebrews 11:6

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