So that your joy may be complete

I love waking up to encouragement from the Lord. His encouragement comes in the form of verses or reminders. It comes every single day. I can expect something great and encouraging from the Lord every day, first thing in the morning. Yesterday the reminder was about our joy being complete. It was about God wanting our joy to be complete. He is a thorough God. He doesn’t do things half-way. He wants a complete blessing, complete joy, complete peace. He doesn’t do the minimum. When He says He is going to bless us, we can expect something amazing. That is what I believe in and that is what I have experienced. His goodness is more powerful than all the evil in the world so we can know that He does good things for His people. God’s joy in our lives can be complete. It doesn’t have to be partial joy. He will bless us from A to Z like I say. He will bless us from beginning to end. What does complete joy entail? I looked up the verse the Holy Spirit gave me and I dug a little deeper.

The verse is John 15:111 and it reads, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in and that your joy may be complete.” What was Jesus talking about before this verse? What did we need to hear and know that would make our joy complete? Jesus was talking about love. He had said that He had loved us as His Father had loved Him. He also said that now we should walk in love. He added that if we keep His commandments, we will remain in love. Remaining in His love is the solution. It is the key to everything. Remaining in His love opens the door to many blessings, to many possibilities and to many opportunities. His love is the most powerful force in the universe and when we walk in His power, we have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. When we walk in His power, we can receive His joy and His peace. His peace is so huge and so unfathomable that it will saturate us with goodness and with an amount of peace that is out of this world. 

The Lord’s most important commandment to us is that we remain in Him by remaining in love. There is no secret. There is no special formula. His will for us is to walk in love. His love always wins. Remind yourself of that truth. Jesus’ love always wins. Jesus’ love performs miracles. Jesus’ love is invincible. Jesus’ love gives us joy. If you are wondering how to find a joy that never fades, walk in the love of the Lord. Go back to the basics of faith and walk in love. When you walk in love, God can use you. You become this open vessel that He can pour Himself into. You become this beacon of hope and of love and you are on the right path. The Lord is telling us to walk in love so that His joy might be in us. Loving with the Lord’s love is loving unconditionally. It is loving everyone with no exceptions. Let’s remain in the Lord and distribute His love to this suffering world.

There is a joy that surpasses all understanding. It doesn’t come from receiving but it comes from giving. Jesus gave His life for us. That was the ultimate sacrifice and the best demonstration of love. Our love should be the giving kind of love. Not the love that wants to receive before it can give. We should give freely and constantly. When we do, we will know the power of true love and we will have abundant joy that is hard to explain. His joy in us is our strength. His joy will help us face anything. When trials and tribulations come, we will have the ability to face them and to stay calm. Our joy will be complete. It will not rely on our circumstances but it will solely lean on the Lord because it will come from the Lord. My prayer for you is that you remain in love and walk in love so that the Lord’s joy stays in you and your joy is complete. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 15; John 17:13; Romans 15:13

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