The power of worship

“The true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth.”* I have been meditating on what it means to worship God. I have found that every time I worship Him, I feel like getting on my knees or lying down with my face down. A couple of years ago, I had one of the most breathtaking worship experiences I had ever had. Thank God that experience was just the beginning of more experiences like that. It was a Saturday morning and I was in prayer when all of a sudden I sensed the glory and the love of God very strongly. I couldn’t stop weeping because there was so much of Jesus present. I kept saying out loud, “If only people knew.” I was under the impression that the Lord was going to show up in my bedroom and I would see Him with my eyes wide open. He did show up in the spirit and I got on my knees. Then I was on the floor with my face down for a very long time. I was weeping and weeping and enjoying His presence so much. It was pure joy, pure peace, pure love and pure reverence. When we worship the Lord, we honor Him and we reverence Him. We lift Him up and we let Him take the stage so to speak. We are aware of how small we are and how big He is.

Yesterday I did some research on worshiping as it is described in the Bible. The word for worship in the Old and in the New Testament is defined as an attitude of the body. It is to bend the head low and to prostrate oneself face down in the presence of the Lord. What I have been experiencing was exactly what the definition of the word says. When we worship God, we change our position and we lower ourselves. Worship should be in spirit and in truth. In spirit, we can lower ourselves by having a humble attitude and letting God be in control. Worship is a powerful attitude of the heart. It is a demonstration of our reverence for God and of our utmost respect for Him. We can worship God by giving in to His love and showing love for everyone. That is a beautiful way of worshiping the Lord. We can worship the Lord by studying His Word and giving it first place. We can worship the Lord by walking in the Spirit and by crucifying the flesh. Find your lower position and worship the Lord as much as possible from that position.

Worship does not have to be done with music. I think worshiping with music is what worshiping the Lord in truth means. Praise is usually more associated with music. Worship is as well but it truly is a manifestation of our spirit in adoration of the Lord. There are times when pride tries to get in the way of what I should be doing for God, but worship is what I choose and I yield to the Holy Spirit. Worship is extremely powerful because it keeps Jesus at the center. The Son of God becomes our focus and we are exalting Him. We were made to worship God. We were made to lower ourselves and to lift up Jesus. How often should we worship God? All the time. Every day. Our actions should reflect the worship attitude of our spirit. Our deeds should be fueled by the love of God. Our thoughts should revolve around the Lord and worship Him. 

Worship is also very powerful because it helps us take our minds off of our problems and stare at Jesus, the solution to all problems. Life can be very tough and it can be a burden. When we worship the Lord, we put our burdens on Him and we take on His yoke that is light and easy. We put on the armor of faith. We see the Lord almighty and we are aware of His faithfulness.  I pray that you worship the Lord every day. It will make your life better. It will give you freedom, peace and deliverance. More importantly, it will allow you to honor the One who deserves your full attention. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Exodus 23:25; John 4:24*; Romans 11:36

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