Hearing God’s sweet voice

Have you ever wished you could hear God audibly? Have you ever wished you could hear His voice clearly as evidence of His existence? I wished that for a long time. Hearing His voice audibly was something I wanted as a young Christian. Then I started spending time in the Word and learning about the still voice of the Holy Spirit. I learned that the Spirit of Jesus was a Person and that He spoke powerfully in the Holy Scriptures. There is a way we can approach the Word of God and receive revelation and gain wisdom. There is a way we can hear God’s voice and Jesus made a way for us. He said He would send us His Spirit and His Spirit would teach us all things. His Spirit is God and God is His Word. Now, we need the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Word of God and the key is the Holy Spirit. He is alive and He speaks all the time. When we lean on Him and we rely on Him, we hear the voice of God.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit and to take Him into great consideration when we think about God. We can’t know God without His Spirit and we can’t know Jesus without His Spirit. If we want to hear God’s voice, we are going to have to prayerfully read His Word and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. We can pray for His help but we should also expect it and nurture our relationship with Him. How do we do that? The Spirit points us to Jesus. Any small inclination or nudge to lift up Jesus or to even think of Him comes from the Holy Spirit. If we want to have a strong relationship with the Spirit of God, we ought to answer His calls. He is not loud and He is not obnoxious so we have to pay attention to His gentle voice and respond. Every little thought you have about God, about Jesus, about praying, about walking in love, about reading the Word is a message from the Holy Spirit. Every one of those thoughts is the Spirit talking to you. You can learn how to heed His voice and to react to Him. The best reaction is to yield to Him. No matter how small what He is telling you seems, it is worth giving it your attention.

God wants you to hear Him and to receive His beautiful messages. They are not always big and flashy. One of His common messages to us is to pray and to love Him and to focus on Him. I have heard the voice of the Lord a thousand times without knowing it was Him. I missed His voice because I was looking for a vision or some type of huge manifestation. My mind was after the thunder and the lightning when my heart knew that God was a lot more humble and discreet than what my imagination was telling me. His voice is in the stillness. His voice is in the whispers of the heart that encourage us and that speak of His love. God loves you and me and He is telling us every day that He does. All we have to do is be still and embrace the softness of His voice. When I want to hear from God, I either sit still or I open His Word and open my heart to His Spirit.

My message today is simple; give God a chance to express Himself to you. Do it by reading your Bible, praying daily and responding to His nice reminders and to His gentle guidance. Don’t wait until you can hear an audible message from Him because you might wait a lifetime. He is audible in His Word and until you and I make it a habit to study His Word, we won’t have much of a chance to hear His amazing voice. Let’s also thank Him every day for His Spirit and include Him in all we do. God loves talking to us and we should never forget that. You can hear His sweet voice every day! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Luke 11:28; John 10:27; Romans 10:17


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