When things fall apart

When things fall apart, God is still standing. When things fall apart, God is still your refuge. When things fall apart, God is working on putting them back together. God doesn’t run away when things are collapsing around you. God doesn’t panic when the enemy attacks you. God doesn’t leave when you are facing trials and tribulations. He is standing right there with you. He is holding you and He is still blessing you. It’s easy to look at the demolition and think that it is all over. The dream that you had, the hope that you had are not buried under the leveling of your situation. Just because your circumstances are a pile of debris doesn’t mean that God won’t get the final say. He knows how to build your life back up. He knows how to build you back up and He will strengthen you before He puts your house back together. Storms come all the time and they can make you feel like you are left without a home but remember that Jesus is your home. He is still God and He is still almighty.

When things fall apart, it’s your cue to praise louder. It’s not the time to put your faith down and give up. Hold up your faith higher. Sing louder. Raise your voice against the thoughts of loss and failure. God has not failed you. Trials are bound to happen but God will also happen as well. You are not going to be destroyed. You are going to keep going and to keep shining for God. At least that is what your mindset should be like and it will come to pass. Those blows from the enemy are not too strong for the Lord. He is going to bless you through these tribulations. God is going to help you and to give you what you need. Your bank account might be low but God’s power is high and He can still do all things. A miracle is on its way. A breakthrough is about to blow you away. Keep your eyes on God. When things fall apart, there is still hope. There is still God and He is all you need.

Things will fall apart at one point in your life but like I said it is not the end. Think about how when Jesus was on the cross, it seemed to be the end. Our Lord looked defeated on the cross but the very opposite happened. He died and rose again. Your hope was on that cross and it came back to life. Don’t let your hope die again. It is alive. It is not defeated. Hold on to the King of hope. Find your strength in Him. Hang on to Him tighter. Don’t run away from God when you seem to have run out of options. He is your number one option. He is your solution. He is the One who can put everything back together and make it all even better than it was before. 

Stay in your refuge. Stay in the arms of the Lord. I know that things might be looking very bad now but walk by faith and not by sight. Ask God to give you the ability to see beyond appearances. Ask Him to help you face the rubble. It can be hard to look at the wreckage but in God’s eyes it doesn’t mean anything. God means everything and He is the One you should focus on. He is going to rebuild everything that was demolished. The God of restoration is with you. Stay encouraged! When things fall apart, the Lord is there to support you. When things fall apart, help is there with you. When things fall apart, God is still standing! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1-3; Psalm 91:2; Zechariah 9:12

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