Choosing God’s music

When I was driving to work yesterday I didn’t play any music. I was in a rush when I got in my car and I didn’t have time to sync my phone and my car. It happens automatically for the most part but sometimes I have to do it manually. Driving without any music was strange. I wasn’t used to it. It wasn’t bad. I just felt a void. I decided to meditate on the Lord in my mind. It was a great exercise and I received an interesting message. I only listen to Christian music. That is my preference and it is a great way for me to stay in praise mode. Now, when I had no music, it felt empty and I wasn’t too much in praise mode. I sang and got into praise mode that way. I created this space for Jesus. People who don’t have the Lord drive through life with no music. There is a void and there is no real life. They don’t know what they are missing. They don’t know what’s lacking but they go through life without music, without the Lord. They live lives that have no melodies, no tunes and no rhythms. As a believer, we get to worship the Lord and we get to have those great moments when He inhabits our praises. However, there are times when we turn off the music and we start overthinking and overanalyzing things. We put Jesus on the back burner and we cruise through the day without Him. Our thoughts become bigger than our praise. Today I am inviting you to make sure you add music to your day every day. Add music physically and spiritually. Let Jesus be your song today. Let Him carry His tune of joy and peace. Make space for Him. Create this musical space where He is exalted. Add Jesus to your day every day!

The music I listen to on my way to work is uplifting. I have noticed that when I get into praise mode, I connect with the Holy Spirit very fast. Praise triggers the presence of the Lord and it is very apparent at times. It’s true for some songs more than others and I think it also has to do with how engaged I am in the praise experience. When my heart is in it, I can flow with the Holy Spirit very easily. It is an experience that I can’t duplicate anywhere else. Prayer also helps me get there but there is something special about praise. Praise declares Jesus as Lord and Savior. Praise is imposing Jesus over our circumstances and we see Him as the solution to all problems. I impose Jesus on my life every day through praise and prayer. I impose His majesty, His love and His power to do anything. My singing and the disposition of my heart help me add Jesus to my day. He is always present but we have to deliberately invite Him into our day and force things to line up with His Word by praising Him. There is so much power in praise. It is underrated. If you are not a person of praise, I strongly encourage you to start praising the Lord every day.

Music plays a big role in many people’s lives including myself. It adds color to our day. It adds joy but it can also add sadness. Music can change our moods and give us strong emotions. I used to be a big fan of ballads but they made me sad. My day used to be perforated by moments of sadness caused by the music I was listening to. Many words we hear are music to our ears. We have to pay attention to what and to whom we listen to the most because the words that come into our heads and marinate inside will turn into actions. They will map out our belief system and they will become strongholds. God’s words are music to our ears. It is the right kind of music. The kind of music that gives life and hope. We can’t turn off the words of the Lord. At least we shouldn’t. We ought to meditate on them and that way they will pop up in our minds when we need them. If we meditate on the world, we will think like the world and act like the world. The Lord calls us to be different from the world. We are in the world but we belong to the Lord. There is music everywhere. Our goal should be to listen to the Lord’s music, to His words and to keep it safe in our hearts. His words will help us guard our hearts and they will give us a reason to rejoice and to stay strong. Don’t drive through life without music. Choose the music of the Lord and you will have a successful life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 25:1; Psalm 150:6; Revelation 5:13

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