What will 2022 be like?

What will happen in 2022? Nobody knows. One thing for sure is that the God of the Bible will be the same. He is not going to lose His majesty and His love for you and me. He is still going to be on His throne and He will still reign. Another truth is that the enemy is still going to be the god of this world. We will still have trials and tribulations but Jesus conquered the god of this world. You can expect difficulties and losses in 2022 but you can also expect victories in Jesus’ name. You can still expect fellowship with the Holy Spirit. As a matter of fact, if you are going to make resolutions, it would be good to make the resolution to get closer to the Spirit of the Lord. 2022 could be the year when your relationship with God takes on a new form. It could be shaped by more intimate moments, more reliance on the Lord and more rejoicing and thanksgiving. It is hard to keep resolutions but if you go into 2022 with a genuine desire to know the Lord better, He will help you keep your resolution.

Will 2022 be your year? It could be but it is the year the Lord has made. You can rejoice and be glad in it. God is still God like I said and this new year, new mercies will be available. God is going to be faithful and keep His word. His mercies endure forever and there will be plenty of them this year. Your cup will overflow. You will lie in green pastures. The Lord will be your fortress and your place of refuge. He is going to take you from glory to glory. Hold on to Him in 2022. Trust Him before you trust anyone else. Go back to the God of the Bible. Take the time to read His Word and to receive revelation. My prayer is that you get to understand that nothing and no one can separate you from the love of God. When you have that perspective and when you stay there, you see life differently. You believe that God will take care of you. He will take care of you in 2022 no matter what happens to you.

Some of the things the Lord is going to do in your life in 2022 are going to take your breath away. He is lining up blessings and good breaks for you. Let Him be your indicator. Don’t let the past two years be an indication of what 2022 is going to look like. Keep your eyes on Jesus and let Him be the maker of good things in 2022. Your money, your wealth and your possessions are not going to make this a good year. Your lacks, your debts, your failures are not going to make this a bad year. You can let them make it all bad or you can focus on Jesus and give Him permission to direct your year. He is the One who makes all things good and all things new. Yes, friend, there will be new blessings in 2022. Blessings that will overtake the bad breaks that might take place.

I wish you a wonderful new year and above all, I wish you Jesus in 2022. I wish that He continues to be your best friend and that He becomes the Lord that He is meant to be in your life. He has you in the palm of your hand. Start the new year with the confidence that no matter what comes your way, He will get in the way of it when you trust Him. May your faith fly to new altitudes in 2002. May you continue to share the love of the Lord. May His peace be powerful in your life. May His joy be your strength every day. May your life be a great testimony to His glory. May you stay encouraged and stay anchored in His love. The Lord loves you and He will protect you. Happy new year!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Isaiah 35;4; Hebrews 13:5

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