God wants you to dance

The other day when I was praying I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do. I didn’t ask Him what He wanted me to do with my life. I was asking about what to do on that day. I heard deep down inside, “I want you to dance.” It’s not something you expect to hear from God but I didn’t dismiss the response. I am getting used to hearing that still and quiet voice that doesn’t lead me astray. Gold wanted me to dance. What did that mean? I remembered that David danced before God. Dancing can be a form of celebrating. It can be a form of honoring. It can be an expression of joy. It can be an expression of gratitude. God wanted me to celebrate Him more. God wanted me to honor Him with music and dancing. God wanted me to get into David mode so to speak. I had had a few things on my mind and my question to God was more about what I should do regarding the few issues I was facing. Well He wanted me to dance. Not dance to forget my problems but dance to lift Him up and to rejoice over Him. I loved that response. It made a lot of sense. I was to praise the Lord and to dance for Him. I do have some praise time every day but this sounded different. I was up for the challenge. Dancing was on my list of things to do that day and I was excited. 

When I first started to pray with a focus, my focus was worshiping and praising. Many years ago my prayer sessions changed completely when I would enter the gates of the Lord with gladness. I wouldn’t think twice. Prayer became a celebration and not a robotic ritual. I couldn’t wait to pray because I loved praising the Lord. I loved Him and what better way to show it to Him. I began to get up early to be in adoration. I would stand in front of the Lord and lift my hands and adore Him. It was a great celebration and I would alway sense the presence of the Lord in a powerful way. I didn’t know that the anointing of the Lord was tangible until then. Praising during prayer became a habit. Now the Lord was telling me that I should go back to the beginning of the new prayer format when I would also dance. Dancing was a very amazing experience because I wasn’t in a club. I wasn’t at a friend’s party. I was at the Lord’s celebration. I wasn’t dancing for myself. I was dancing for Him. God expects us to celebrate Him. This might feel unnatural at first and that’s ok. I strongly recommend that you get into the habit of celebrating the Lord. Get into your prayer room. Put on your dancing shoes. Focus on Jesus. Start singing and dancing. You will release the joy of the Lord and you will be doing His will. 

Dance for the Lord every day. Find a few minutes to dance and praise away. Celebrate Jesus.  He deserves your praise and your dancing. People dance for many reasons and for some people dancing is the most fun activity they engage in. Why not have fun with the Lord? He is a joyful God. He is the King of joy. We are a joyful people and we ought to express the joy of the Lord that is our strength. When you are having a rough day and nothing seems to go your way, the last thing you want to do is dance. However, the Lord doesn’t want you to dwell on what’s wrong. He wants to be your focus. He says in His Word that we should cast our cares on Him and turn to Him. If we are to cast our cares on Him, we shouldn’t carry them anymore. Once we release them He takes care of them. That is a good reason to celebrate. If we dance and praise Him, we are demonstrating our faith. We are saying that it is all taken care of and we are glad God is in control. There is a care-free aspect to dancing. When you dance, you can dance with no care in the world. I am inviting you today to dance for the Lord. Be like David and dance your heart away for the Lord. Celebrate Him and rejoice over Him. You will receive His gladness and His peace. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you! Start dancing!

Suggested reading: 2 Samuel 6:14; Psalm 30:11; Psalm 149:3

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