Money can’t be our God

One morning when I woke up, all I could hear inside my head was “Money can’t be your God.” I heard that over and over again. I know what the Lord was telling me. He was saying that I shouldn’t focus on money as my main source of life. I used to feel safe and secure when I had a lot of money in the bank. If my bank account was low, I would get very nervous. Nothing made me feel better about life than having money. It was the wrong approach and years ago I learned how to disassociate happiness from money. “Money can’t buy us happiness” I had been told and I disagreed with that statement. Then I met people in church who barely made it financially but they had a lot of joy. They had more joy than I did. Their needs were met. They had enough to get by and nothing more. I was worried about them but they were not worried about it all. I saw something that I had been missing. I saw faith in action. Their faith was strong and it allowed them to be joyful and to be at peace in all circumstances. I did learn from them and I found out for myself afterwards that God supplies our needs. My bank account doesn’t supply my needs. God supplies my bank account and He meets my needs in many different ways.

The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. It doesn’t say that money is evil. We need money to live in this world. We can’t ignore that. We need to pay bills, to buy food, to maintain our homes and to pay for entertainment and other things. Now, sometimes we want money for things we don’t need and that is on us. We ask God for what we want and we don’t get it because He knows that is not what we need. It is not always the case but it happens. God gives us what we need and more but “His more” can be defined differently from ours. He knows best and He gives us the best when we rely on Him. God gives good things and when He gives us money, it is a good thing. What we do with the money He gives us is important. We have to be good stewards of that gift. A good way to act with money is to give it to others. I am not saying we should empty our pockets and be left with nothing but there is always a need around us that can be met. We can always help others and sharing this gift from God is a beautiful use of His gift. How much should we give and how should we give? I think it is between you and God. Asking Him how we can help others is always a good idea. I have found that if I give monthly it helps me be less attached to money. I see it as a blessing that shouldn’t stop with me. It should flow to other people.

God will lead you to the right place when you ask Him where to go. This is true in all things. When you don’t know where to go with your money, ask Him for the path. He will tell you who has a need and He will open your heart. When giving becomes a habit, money becomes an ally and not an enemy. I have found that money was more of an enemy when I saw it as the source of my life. Why? Because money worked against me in my head. Better said, my perception of money worked against me. The way I saw money would give me anxiety and it never brought me joy unless I had plenty of it. Money can’t be our God. Money is a gift from God and His gifts are meant to bless us and to bless others. A healthy relationship with money can develop when we get God involved. I have put God between money and myself. I talk to Him about money. He talks to me about money. I don’t let anything financial get in the way of my relationship with God and I achieve that by praying over my finances daily and thanking God daily.

God will supply our needs according to His riches in glory. I believe that scripture. I believe that God is faithful. I also believe that He should be our focus. When we give Him first place. When we focus on our relationship with Him. When we listen to His Word. When we apply His Word. All our needs are met and more. God is generous and He will give us more than we expect when we stay in faith. If you are going through financial difficulties, take your needs to God and trust Him with the outcome. He will take care of you.Stay in faith. Praise Him while you are waiting. God will work on your behalf. He won’t let you down. Let God be your treasure. Out of Him will flow blessings that are more precious than gold. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:16-17; Matthew 6:21; 1 Timothy 6:10

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