Keep your eyes open

When I was praying yesterday morning, the Lord told me to open my eyes. I heard deep down inside that I should open my eyes and keep them open. I did what He told me to do and I looked around. His message was that it is important to see what we have and to see where we are and appreciate it all. He pointed out the doors to my closets. I like these doors. They look very nice. He pointed out my clothes, my blinds, my lamps. Everything that was surrounding me was something that I liked but that I never take the time to enjoy. The idea is not to be crazy about our material possessions but to thank the Lord and to appreciate what we have including the smallest things. I meditated on that message and I saw that I had been focusing too much on what I didn’t have. Some of that focus has allowed me to work on my faith and some of it has had a negative impact on my thinking. With the Lord, we need to count our blessings. We need to see what He has for us. Now, keeping my eyes open also meant that I should recognize all spiritual blessings in my life. The fruit of the Spirit is ripening in my life and I ought to take a minute and recognize that. God is at work in my life. God is at work in our lives, friend and we better keep our eyes open and see His work. When we do, we keep a grateful attitude and gratitude and thanksgiving are key in our Christian walks. They are essential and they can’t be underestimated. Today I want to invite you to keep your eyes open and to look at what the Lord has put in your life, what He is doing with your life and what He wants you to enjoy in your life.

Keeping our eyes open in this context doesn’t imply that we should focus on the bad things in our lives. It is the opposite. God wants us to see what good He has put in our lives. Negativity can blind us and keep us from seeing God’s hand in our lives. We should keep our eyes of faith open. We should keep our eyes of gratitude wide open. That is the main message here. We can choose what eyesight we are going to use every day. When we get up in the morning, we can choose to dwell on the bad things in our lives or we can choose to put on the eyes of gratitude and thank God all day long. When I thank the Lord throughout the day, my day is so much better. When I thank the Lord throughout the day, negativity doesn’t have a strong hold on me. When I thank the Lord throughout the day, my thoughts align with God’s goodness and with His Word. God’s will is that we rejoice in Him and that we stay strong in faith while walking in love the whole time. We can rejoice when we have a gratitude attitude. We can rejoice when we enjoy the Lord’s blessings and His kindness. When we take God at face value and we embrace His faithfulness, we see great things and we see exactly what we should be focusing on. A believer with eyes of gratitude that are wide open is a believer who can’t be defeated easily. Why? Because he or she has a powerful mindset. He or she thinks of what is pure and noble.

When you keep your eyes open and you notice all the good things, you are setting yourself up for seeing great things to come in the future. You understand that God’s goodness is here today and that it will be there tomorrow. Your eyes of gratitude transition into eyes of faith and you expect the best. You know that amazing things are going to take place in your life. You know that no matter what evil tricks the enemy plays in your life, you are going to come out on top and God will put an end to the enemy’s games. Keep your eyes of faith open, friend. The opposition will show you terrible things that will make you doubt but you should keep your eyes on Jesus. Jesus is bigger than anything bad the enemy will show you. Jesus can change the bad into good so when you see bad things, remind your mind that Jesus is with you and things are going to change. Just because things are bad now doesn’t mean that good things are absent. Faith sees God’s blessings in your life even when you are in the middle of the ocean of fear and the storms of life are raging. It is not the storm you should stare at. Keep your eyes open to Jesus throughout the storm. Trials can make you near-sighted and you can’t see the great blessings ahead. Get in the Word and you will get a fresh new perspective and a new prescription for the future. Your eyes will see hope again. Your eyes will see far again. Keep your eyes wide open to what you have and to what’s to come. God is going to do beautiful things in your life. Don’t let the blurry vision of the enemy keep you from seeing the light of the Lord in your life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 9:2; Psalm 13:5-6; Philippians 4:4

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