High above your problems

Greater is the Lord that is in you than the devil that is in this world*. It is a promise. It is the truth. The Lord in you is bigger, more powerful and stronger than the enemy. He is stronger than all the forces of darkness combined. He conquered death. He conquered sin. He conquered anything that separates you from Him. He defeated every single thing that will ever try to defeat you. You need to read that again; Jesus defeated every single thing that will ever try to defeat you. He is way above any difficulty, any problem and any tribulations. He is way up there. Millions of miles above your trials. Do you know why you can’t see God when you focus on your difficulties? You can’t see Him because He is so far above your difficulties. Your difficulties are way down there and He is so far up that He can’t be seen when you are down in the pit of your trials. He doesn’t leave you. He doesn’t forsake. He is just so much greater than your problems that when you dwell on your problems He seems far. He is far from your trials. What you need to do is go where He is. Leave the pit and go to the throne of God.

God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. They are higher than our thoughts. When we think about how difficult and how bad things are, we are not at the level of God’s thoughts. We need to climb the ladder of faith and get to the place where hope lives, solutions reside and God is shining. I often pray in my loft. My loft is the highest place in my house. It is above everything else. One time when I was praying in the loft, I received a message that deeply touched me. The Lord said, “I need you to stay in the loft. Stop visiting your basement and stop staying there. I am up here. I am not in the basement. Fear, doubt and negative thoughts live in the basement. I am up here in the loft above everything else.” It was very symbolic and very uplifting. I want to be where God is. He is above all problems. He is not down in the dump where fear is rampant. I had needed that message. I had needed the reminder that God is greater than anything and because He is greater, He is way above all our dilemmas and bad circumstances. Friend, stay in the loft of your life where God is. Stay where His thoughts live. Stay with faith. Stay with His hope. He is bigger than the enemy. He is way up there. Don’t spend time in the basement of the enemy. Stay with God who is greater than anything that comes your way.

God is much more powerful than any attack of the enemy. You can make a mental list of all the attacks you have endured or you are facing now. There isn’t a single attack that the Lord can’t deal with. Put it all in His hands. Trust that the greater One in you will take care of the enemy against you. God is with you so it doesn’t matter who is against you. Negative thoughts, stress and anxiety are not more powerful than God. Leave them in the basement. Go up to the loft in prayer. Go up to God in faith. Think His thoughts. Speak His words. Read His mind. You can do all that through His Word. Spend time in the Word and you will have the power to handle the world in the name of Jesus. You are meant to be more than a conqueror in this life thanks to God who lives in you. Hold on to the hope of the Lord. Hold on to His love. His love will always prevail. His love will always win. God in you will always win. He will always be much higher than your problems. Remember that. Look up to God and look down on your circumstances. You are going to make it. Jesus will help you. Stay strong. Stay in the loft. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 55:8; Hebrews 4:12; 1 John 4:4*

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