The playlist of your life

I have a few playlists that I listen to in the car. I like adding new songs and creating new playlists. The new creations sometimes throw me off because I am so used to hearing songs in a certain order. A few years ago I was on a trip with a friend on the west coast. We were driving around listening to some of my songs and he suggested I should shuffle my music. I panicked because I wouldn’t know what song would be next. He said it was nice to mix it up a bit. I did and I found the idea very interesting. I sometimes shuffle my music now just so I am surprised by the next song. Life loves to shuffle the events that take place. We think we know what’s going to happen and then life changes our playlist and surprises us with usually a bad tune and a bad note. If only we could predict what the next song was that life was going to throw at us. We would be prepared. The only way we can be prepared is by trusting the Lord and knowing that no matter what life throws at us, we will be able to dance to the next song and make it out of that next event successfully. The playlist of our lives can be very unpredictable but God is in control and He can make every song harmonize with hope, love, peace and joy. God has the ability to rewrite the songs and add lyrics of peace to the most disturbing tracks.

Who is in charge of the playlist of your life? Do you trust that God will play some great melodies? Do you believe that a good song can follow a bad song? Are you shaken when your playlist goes haywire? Let your faith be the DJ. Let your faith help you anticipate the next song and enjoy every tune even when they are out of tune. Faith can make everything sound beautiful. Faith sees the good in everything. Faith sees the good that is to come. Faith sees the good lyrics behind the saddest songs. Faith gives spring in your step. Faith knows all the moves for every song life drops on your lap. Faith is a guide. Faith is music director. Faith will direct your steps even when you don’t know how to dance to the latest tunes of your fate. Faith is not surprised. Faith is steady. Faith is stable. Faith is powerful. Faith is the DJ that you need wherever you go. Faith can hold a tune of hope for a long time until all negative thoughts go away. Faith touches the heart and creates beautiful songs. Faith sings. Faith sings hope and blessings. Faith is the choir that resonates in the heart of the Spirit of God in perfect harmony. The playlist of your life will never be perfect but your faith can make it better and better.

Don’t be afraid of the next song even if it doesn’t sound familiar at all. God has heard it all. God knows what’s playing next. God has seen the good and the bad that’s coming in your life. Believe that He will change things for the best and you will be able to enjoy life despite the noise that some of those songs will make. I have heard some songs that have left me feeling bad and down. I keep away from that music. I can’t keep away from sad events but the good news is that the Holy Spirit gives me the strength to face those tough times and He gives me the peace I need no matter what. The playlist of your life will take you aback but you can take it back by staying in faith and declaring what the next song is going to be. Declare that beautiful melodies are coming. Declare that your songs will give God the glory. Declare that happy songs are on their way. Play some great tunes before the bad music. Get used to staying positive throughout the events of your life. You will be in harmony with the Lord and you will hear amazing notes from Heaven. May God bless you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 55:8-9; Psalm 73:26; Ecclesiastes 3:11

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