Let God handle it

Go to God first. No matter what you need or what you want, go to God first. We tend to turn to people for help. It is a natural instinct. However, God should be the first Person we turn to. We should always check in with God first. I am learning the importance of relying on the Lord before counting on anyone else. I am not saying that we should cut people off or we should isolate ourselves. God will use the right people when we talk to Him first about our situation. He sees and knows the bigger picture and He will always take care of all the details when we lean on Him. He can handle any situation. He can handle any problem and any issue we might have. If you are facing difficulties today. If you are at a loss, let God handle your situation. Talk to Him before you talk to anyone else. Give Him the chance to bless you before anything can mess you up. He knows what to say and He knows how you should think about your circumstances and how you should approach them. 

“Not one word of all the good promises that the Lord had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass.”* This verse taken from chapter 21 in the Book of Joshua, declares that God can do all things. All of His promises come to pass. He can’t fail. He can’t be defeated. There is nothing we can present to God that He won’t be able to handle. Think of your worst situation and know that it is not insurmountable for God. He promises to bless you and to protect. He promises to watch over you and He will always keep His word. Now, when you are going through a tough time, God doesn’t get discouraged. He doesn’t scratch His head wondering how He is going to fix things. He is not afraid of anything. You might be concerned and you might fear what’s going on but keep in mind that your God is fearless and He will get you through anything and everything. There is something amazing awaiting you on the other side of your problems. Keep pushing and keep knowing that God is handling your business now and He is doing something great behind closed doors. He is telling you today that it is handled. Trust Him. He keeps His promises and He still performs miracles today.

I stand on Luke 1:37 a lot. It says that “For nothing will be impossible for God.” That blows my mind. I actually read this scripture all the time and every time I do, I am in awe. There are no limits to what God can do. This is a very good reason why we should let Him handle everything that happens in our lives. The creator of the universe is the most capable Person we will ever encounter. God can and will make things right in your life, friend. Give Him your worst nightmares. Give Him your biggest problems. Give Him your dilemmas and your difficulties. Give Him your best moments and your best seasons as well. Let Him handle all parts of your life. Whatever is going on, good or bad, give it to God. Give it to God and be merry. Give it to go and be at peace. Give it to God and praise away. Give it to God and remain strong. Give it to God and expect the best. Give it to God and see how He handles it all. Thank God that He can help you. Develop the mindset of the one who knows without the shadow of a doubt that God can handle his or her life. You are in perfect hands. God is on your side. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Joshua 21:45*; 2 Timothy 2:13


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