The positivity challenge

I love getting challenges from God. They are almost meant to help me grow and they are always in line with His Word. One of the recurring themes is positivity. God challenges me to stay positive very often. I am up for the challenge this week and I decided to make it a point to stay positive this week. This goes beyond what we picture as being positive most of the time. I am letting my positive attitude pair up with my faith and I will be expecting good things. I won’t just stay positive when things go wrong. I am going to be positive for things to come. I am going to have an active positivity that will feed off of my faith. The goal is to look at the days ahead with faith and expressing my faith with a positive attitude and outlook. I don’t know what this week has in store. There will be good times and bad times. There will be things that I can’t control but one thing I can control is my reaction to those events. Please join me in this challenge. Make up your mind and stay positive. Take a minute to think about the rest of the week with a positive mindset. God is with you every single day of the week so no matter what happens, you will have Him to back you up and to support you. Your positive attitude fueled by your faith in God is allowing you to win the battles this week. Stay positive! Stay in faith! Stay in the Lord!

Positivity is defined as the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Now, we can be optimistic by nature and always hope for the best. I know some people who are always positive and they don’t know God. Their positivity is great and it is inspiring but it lacks a strong foundation at times and they crumble easily when the wind blows. We as believers have the most powerful foundation there is. Our hope is founded on Jesus. He is the author of our faith and the hope we can rely on. We need to live it up and to make it a daily reality. We should keep standing on our amazing foundation. Let’s stop looking for the next best thing that might keep us steady on our feet. There is nothing and no one better than Jesus. Trends and fads come and go and some seem very appealing but nothing will ever replace Jesus. He is the hope of the world and we can have an optimistic attitude because of Him. Our optimism should stem from our relationship with Him and we should base everything on His promises. He promises to bless us, to protect us and to help us. That is a lot of hope right there. Those are great reasons to be positive.

In Psalm 33, David invites us to hope in the steadfast love of the Lord. His love is constant. It doesn’t vary and He doesn’t run dry. You can be assured that God is going to love you all week long no matter what you do and no matter what happens to you. His steadfast love is going to carry you. You can count on the love that changes everything. You can count on the Lord’s resurrection power that lives in you thanks to His love. Stay positive this week because God has a love for you that will not let you down. His love is going to conquer your mountains. Expect that. Expect great things. Expect miracles. Expect love all week long. Challenge your emotions and your feelings by staying positive in Jesus. You will see that amazing things take place when you stay strong in your faith and when you refuse to yield to any negativity. Your positivity is a great testimony to your faith in the One whose love has won all wars. Stay positive, friend! Don’t lose hope. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Know that God is still on the throne. Your faith is going to take you places that you never knew existed. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading:  Psalm 33:18; Mark 9:23; 2 Corinthians 3:12-14

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