When you fall

My life with Jesus is an adventure that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. It’s a roller coaster ride where the highs are powerful moments spent in His presence. The lows can be very low and they are not caused by the Lord. We all go through lows in our lives and when they take us down and break us, if we have the Lord, we can be rebuilt and we can heal. Jesus has healed me so many times and He has taken me out of the ditches of distress more times than I can count. I am learning that with Him we can always stand again. We get knocked down by life events but we have a Savior that gets us up again. Today I want to remind you, friend, that you will stand up again. If you are on the floor now, not able to get back on your feet, I am here to tell you that you will walk again. The Lord is giving you His hand and He is getting you up again. You are going to stand, walk and run again. Nothing can keep you down when you trust the Lord. Don’t be shocked by the times when the enemy trips you. It happens to all of us. Know how to react. Know how to respond to those treacherous falls. Respond with the Lord. Ask Him to get you back on track and let Him do His thing. You are going to walk in His power again. The Lord has the power to  help you recover and to make you brand new. Your most recent fall is not going to keep you down forever. It is a temporary inconvenience that Jesus is going to fix.

Walking with the Lord is the best walk of your life. I have gone on a lot of walks but my favorite walks are the ones I take with Jesus. My life is a walk where I allow Him to be by my side. He is always there but just like anyone else I have rejected Him and I have put Him out of my mind. He is the permanent gift who never leaves us. Even when you fall, He is there by your side. He is not taking a step back and watching you fend for yourself on the floor. He is giving you His hand like I said. When I fall and I have a hard time getting up again, I pray and the Lord gives me passages in the Bible that lift me up. He tells me that when I lift Him up, He helps me back on my feet. I have taken some pretty bad falls in my life. One thing to remember is that there is a lot more power in the Lord than there is in the one who causes us to fall. The Lord has far more power than anything that will ever come against you. When you think like that, it gives you a boost and you know that you will stand strong again. When you fall, the best thing to do is to call for help and to trust the help. Keep praising the Lord. Keep believing. Keep declaring His faithfulness. I know that falls can be hard but you are going to bounce back nicely. Keep your hopes up and keep looking up. You won’t be down for long.

Every step we take closer to God is one step too many according to the enemy. He hates it when we make progress and his intentions are for us to fall, backslide or to take steps back. Your fall is not a surprise. When you make progress, the enemy will do what he can to derail you. Your last fall or your current fall are not a coincidence. You are headed somewhere great. Thank the Lord for that. Don’t thank Him for the fall but thank Him for your recovery and for what’s to come. You are about to take some great walks with the Lord and run with joy. The joy that is coming can’t be compared to the pain from the fall. God is going to mend your broken heart and give you strength to be even better than before. You will rise after the fall. It is going to happen in Jesus’ name. Don’t give up. Give in to the Lord. You are going to have a wonderful rise again. When you fall, the Lord is never too far. When you fall, there is hope that you will stand again. When you fall, remember that the enemy is mad at what’s coming into your life. When you fall, look up. When you fall, praise the Lord even when it hurts. When you fall, don’t despair. Help is on the way. When you fall, you still have Jesus and you will rise again. When you fall, God is still God and things will turn around for you. When you fall, expect to walk again! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 41:10; Proverbs 24:16; Psalm 37:23-24

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