When God gets in the way

I love saying that Jesus gets in the way of what gets in our way. He is the barrier that prevents bad things from festering and from getting worse. He got in the way of death by dying and coming back from the dead. That Cross, that blessed Cross is what got in the way. It stood there and stopped the enemy in its tracks. It is a lot more powerful than it appeared at first. Jesus did the impossible. He went where no one had been able to go before. He got cursed for us. He bought us our salvation. If you are saved, see Jesus’ act as the one act that got in the way of your spiritual death. You were going to perish but Jesus stood in the way. He made a way for you. A way that took you away from eternal perdition. Today the Lord still gets in the way. When you have faith in Him, He intervenes and stands in the way of what is bothering you. He stands there and takes you on a detour. You might have been headed the wrong way. The enemy’s plan might have derailed your life with trials and tribulations but Jesus can get in the way. Just because it looks like you are going to hit rock bottom or you are on a path of problems and difficulties doesn’t mean that things can’t change. Jesus can change the way your life goes. Trust that He is the way maker who gets in the way and creates a better way. Today I want to encourage you to follow God’s way. Every time you face adversity or any type of opposition, oppose the enemy by declaring that your God will get in the way and He will make things right.

I can think of many situations when Jesus got in the way of my problems. One of the many things He does beautifully is get in the way of fear and anxiety. When stress is riding my head and driving me crazy, I praise Jesus. I oppose the enemy by praising Jesus. At first my mind is not on board and it resists but then the praises flow out of my mouth and the Lord shows up. He sweeps away the fear. He stands in the way of worry and gives me peace. It always works. Jesus is faithful. When you call on Him, He answers. He always shows up. He always cleans up the mess. He is so good and so loving. Give Him a chance to get in the way of your fears. Praise Him and thank Him. When anxiety comes, thank the Lord for His goodness. Thank Him for getting in the way. He will alleviate the pain that stress creates in your life and He will reroute your thinking.

I have also been in situations where there seemed to be no way out. I had no clue how I was going to get out of those circumstances. However, when I pray there is always a way. You see, when we pray, we decide that God can do something about our predicament. We give Him control. We let Him step into our lives and make a change. Praying with faith moves the hand of God. Praying with faith gets God in the way of our dilemma. God can do more than we can imagine so when we pray we should humbly ask Him to do what He does best. I have witnessed the love of God on many occasions before I even prayed. His grace and mercy are incredible. As believers, we can expect God to bless us and to carry us. We need to hang on to faith and hold on tight. God will get in the way in the most unusual way. He is going to do that for you, friend. Trust that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and believe that His way is always the best way. The way things are now is not the end of the road. Jesus is at the end of your road directing you toward a better outcome, a better ending. The enemy doesn’t have the final say. God does. Things are going to turn around for you. Jesus is getting in the way of your problems. Praise Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:16; John 14:6; Acts 4:12

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