Something can be done

One of the many things I have learned about the Lord is that with Him it’s never too late. He doesn’t show up when all is lost. He doesn’t come after the fact.  He always wins and He is never too late. Now, we can think that there is no hope and the enemy has the final say. Some terrible circumstances can easily seem like things will never get better. Some situations can seem extremely hopeless and we have to settle for them. That is not what the Lord tells us. He has the final say. He is never defeated by any of our tribulations. For Him just because it appears to be the end doesn’t mean that it is the end. It took me a long time to understand this but there is a powerful example in the Bible. When Lazarus died, His family saw it as the end. Jesus came to see Him days after He had found out that His friend was sick. Jesus wept with compassion but He didn’t give up and He didn’t say, “I arrived too late. Nothing can be done.” No, Jesus knew what He could do and bringing Lazarus back from the dead was not too difficult for Him. He did it effortlessly. Why? Because He can do all things and no obstacle can stand in His way including death. If you think that nothing can be done about your circumstances, I want you to think again. Put on the cap of faith and change your thinking. Think in line with the Lord’s thinking. Your situation is not dead. Let Jesus resurrect it and bring it back to life better than it was. Something can be done and the Lord is going to do it. Don’t lose hope!

What is the Lord going to do about your present circumstances? I have no idea but what I know is that nothing you are going through is too hard for God to fix. Your worst nightmare can turn into a dream with the Lord. He has the ability to make things better in a way that no one can match. Something can be done about your trials today. First you need to take it to the Lord in prayer. Go to Him and put it all in His hands. It sounds like something you have heard for a while but I am telling you, it makes a difference. God loves it when we depend on Him and when we seek His face. Seek the Lord. Search His heart and find out what He has for you. Love is what you will find and His love can do all things. His love will move mountains for you and dig valleys for you if need be. He would move Heaven and earth to make things line up perfectly for you. God knows a lot about doing incredible things and His miracles are still available today. Pray to Him and put all your trust in His hands. He will take your suffering, heal your wounds and put life into your situation. When you believe Him, nothing is too late. He is not late. Be ready for blessings and breakthroughs to be poured into your life.

Thank the Lord that something can be done for you. Tell Him that you will not worry about it and you are glad He is in control. You might have to thank Him a lot and that is just fine. The Lord wants us to be thankful all the time. Thanking Him for what He is going to do is a great expression of your faith. He is going to do something for you. He won’t let you down. He is going to change things around and bless you in ways that you won’t understand. His blessings will surpass your understanding and you will see His hand at work in your life. When we stay in faith, God is faithful and He does what He does best; He does the impossible. Something can be done about your situation so don’t believe the lies of the enemy and don’t dwell on how things look. God has a plan for you and He is working on making things great in your life. There is hope. You have Jesus so there is hope! Keep praying and keep worshipping Him. A breakthrough is on the way. Something great is going to be done about your circumstances and the Lord is orchestrating it. Stay strong and stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Romans 10:9; 2 Timothy 2:13

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