3 practical practices

When I was praying yesterday morning, the Lord guided me through a meditation about some of the tools He gives us. He said that He has equipped His people with some great tools that we don’t always use. I want to be actively involved in the use of those tools. They are meant to help us lead a successful Christian life. God cares so much about us that He would never leave us without any defenses and without any means of dealing with this life. It is sad when we live our lives in Christ thinking that we have to fend for ourselves and we don’t do anything to keep up with the blessings and with the wonderful life Jesus provided for us. There are several tools that are wonderful practices but today I am going to focus on three of them; the practice of positive confession, the practice of prayer and the practice of praise.


There is power in what we say. The Bible tells us that the tongue has the power of life and death. What we say matters. What we say can influence our lives in a good way or in a bad way. We are encouraged to renew our minds. We can do that with the Word of God and with the Holy Spirit. It is important to keep our minds focused on the Lord so that what we say is positive. What we think about the most, we end up talking about. It is crucial that we fill our minds with the words of the Lord. His words should be our words. We don’t have to repeat what He says verbatim even though it is a great habit to have. However, we should speak in agreement with His Word. We should always be positive in what we say. We should be the people who believe in being positive and who always have something nice, pure and noble to say. Our words should shed a positive light in the world around us. If we always talk about how bad things are, if we are always complaining or gossiping, we are not being good stewards of what the Lord gave us. He gave us hope, love, life, joy, peace and other great things. They should be reflected in what we say. Positive confession is a practice that bears good fruit. Sometimes I use it to counteract the thoughts in my mind. Speak positively every day. Speak like Jesus would and you will be in line with His blessings for your life.


Jesus prayed so we should definitely pray. I have written a lot about prayer and I will continue because it is one of the most significant tools we were given. The Holy Spirit is the One who helps us pray. Every time you think you should pray, it’s the Holy Spirit inspiring you. Every time you pray, He is assisting you. You don’t have to be eloquent. You just have to open your heart and pray. You have to be receptive and to be attentive because the Lord has a lot to say and you should expect to hear from Him during prayer time. Prayer is one of the two most powerful tools in my life. I love it and I can’t live without it. Once you get used to it, you fly with it. The Holy Spirit prays with us and that is a beautiful experience. Pray like Jesus. Follow what He says about prayer. Worship the Lord first. Repent, forgive, celebrate Jesus, pray for others, make your personal requests known and thank the Lord in advance. Pray with faith and love. Pray for your world. Pray for the world. Pray for others every single day. Your prayers matter. Your prayers are heard. Believe that. You can pray in Jesus’ name and make a change in this world. Keep that practice going. Pray despite your circumstances. 


When you pray, it is good to enter the gates of the Lord with praise and worship. Now, praise and worship can take place any time of the day and they should actually be a part of what we do every day. We should be people of praise. We should sing to the Lord with our voices and with our hearts. Praise is not always a song. It can be a thought, a sentence, an action, a deed. Praise lifts up Jesus. Praise recognizes that Jesus is King. Praise is powerful. When everything is dark around us, the practice of praise brings back the sun. It brings back hope and joy. Praise is the other most powerful tool in my life. It changed my life because it showed me that Jesus was my life and that I had a great life through Him. Praise made me aware of Jesus and it has opened my eyes to the truth that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with Him. If you can’t pray, start with praise. Praise will usher your spirit into a state of prayer and reverence. I praise before I pray. Actually praise is part of my prayers every single time. I also enjoy praising the Lord throughout the day. I try my best through my actions but I also spend time singing to Him and declaring His majesty. When His glory comes down, the praise sessions are even more powerful. Keep the practice of praise going all the time. Praise will break the power of the enemy in your life and open the heavenly gates. Praise away!

Use the tools of the Lord all the time. Ask Him to reveal more to you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 18:21; Luke 3:21; Luke 6:12

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