Come what may

Come what may, God will still be God and your blessings are still accounted for. There is nothing that can happen to you that will change the way God cares about you and watches over you. No matter what comes against you, God will still be almighty and all-powerful. The way David describes God in the book of Psalms is an accurate representation of who your God is. The way Jesus talks about the Father is still relevant today. The way Jesus is in the Bible is still a depiction of the real Jesus. Your problems today might seem very real and very difficult but the Lord your God is faithful and He is not changing His Word. The Bible is not going to change because of what’s happening to you. God is not a liar. Your situation is going to change because of your God. Today I want you to stay strong and to keep going. Your God is not going to let you down. You are not going to drown. You are not under an ocean of problems right now. You might be in the middle of that ocean but you are floating and the Lord is taking you back to shore. Keep your eyes on the anchor of your life. Keep your eyes on Jesus your Savior. He hasn’t said His final word. Defeat is not in the books. You are going to get your victory in Jesus’ name. Come what may, the best is yet to come!

God has mountains of blessings for you. They are going to collide with your trials and tribulations and when there is a heavenly collision like that, you know who wins. God always wins. His blessings are going to overtake your difficulties. Stand on the promise that better things are coming your way even though things are bad right now. I, just like anyone else know what bad looks like. Bad can be extremely bad. I know that it is possible to get to the point of no return and to completely give up. However, with the Lord, you will come back from that point. Your worst predicament is no match to your God. Jesus doesn’t know what impossible means. Nothing can stop Him. Think about it. Even death couldn’t stop Him. The one thing that seems final couldn’t stop the Lord so your situation can’t get in the way of His blessings. It may not look like good days are coming but you have to trust that God can make things good out of nothing. Where there is nothing good, God can create blessings that will overwhelm you and leave you praying and praising on your knees. Come what may, God is not giving up on you and He is still fighting your battles!

Come what may, the Lord is still walking on water. He is still performing miracles and He is still calming the storms. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Meditate on that truth. Let it become a revelation in your heart and let it renew your mind. God is standing by your side as we speak and He is removing hurdles and obstacles. When things get hard, pray harder. Praise louder. Worship more. Express your faith even more. Speak about the goodness of the Lord and thank Him for His blessings. Don’t get stuck in mental torture. Free your mind by reminding yourself of the power of the Lord and of His amazing grace. Remember that there is nothing you will ever face that the Lord can’t deal with. He dealt with the world, the entire world and with every bad situation that will ever occur. He has done a perfect job, He can’t be wrong and He can’t fail. You are going to make it, friend. Come what may, God is with you and He will bless you. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8; James 1:17

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