Your daily ray of sunshine

Jesus is my ray of sunshine even on a cloudy day. It took me a while to get to the point where I could see the sun on a bad and dreary day. It started when the Lord revealed that what we feel on the inside shouldn’t be dependent on what’s happening on the outside. He also said that His Spirit is always in us. Every believer has the Spirit of God living inside of him or her. Now, not every believer knows that truth or understands it. We can easily ignore the Spirit of Jesus and live our lives the way we want without acknowledging the presence of the Lord. When we live that way, we miss out on a lot. We miss out on a life with the Savior, the best life ever! I loved receiving the revelation of God living in me. I took it seriously and I gave Him a chance to be part of my everyday life and to express Himself in me. What I needed to do was to prioritize my time with Him and exalt Him. We exalt so many things every day. Things that shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. Things that take precedence over God when they should be put in the back seat. Jesus said He was the truth, the way and the life. When we are aware of who He is, we see His light and His love shining brightly every day.

The truth is that every day has Jesus in it. We might not feel like we are having a “Jesus day” at times because our feelings can be very misleading. We shouldn’t rely on our feelings and emotions because they often mirror what’s going on in our lives or they are affected by our circumstances. Jesus stays the same in us. His Spirit remains the same no matter what the weather is and no matter what is happening in our lives. A cloudy day can be a day when we are having a hard time, when we are struggling and when things go wrong. A sunny day can be a day when everything is going well and we are having a great time. On a cloudy day, Jesus is still the Son of God and He is still mighty. On a sunny day, Jesus is still the Son of God and He is still mighty. I have had my share of cloudy days and I have had seasons where the sun wouldn’t come out. However, I had the sun in me and I focused on that. What works the best for me is having celebration time on bad weather days. I go into my prayer room and I lift up Jesus.

Celebrating Jesus is a powerful habit that is underrated. We want the miracles and the breakthrough first and then we will celebrate Him. It doesn’t work that way. We ought to celebrate Him all the time for no particular reason other than the fact that He is God and that He saved us. Jesus is reason enough to celebrate. When we do celebrate Him, something wonderful and beautiful happens. His light shines. He inhabits the praises of His people so celebrating Him brings Him into the scene and He comes with so much joy and peace that we forget about the bad things that are happening. The more time we spend celebrating Him, the more we are changed on the inside. We acquire a new mindset and our hearts are filled with hope. Jesus is the ray of sunshine you need today. Tap into His love!

The love of God is the most powerful and most radiant force in the universe. His love can do anything. Jesus is that love that changes everything and when He shines, no clouds can defeat Him and no bad weather can stop Him from blessing us. Don’t focus on the storms, friend. Focus on Jesus. Focus on the ray of sunshine. His ray of sunshine will pierce that overcast weather of your life and you will end up seeing the sun. Sometimes all we need is just that ray of sunshine and we have enough hope to expect the sun to come again. The sun will come again, friend. Don’t get discouraged. Better days are coming. In the meantime, enjoy the Lord and have a celebration. You will gain the strength you need to face anything. Stay encouraged and know that the sun is here, in you. Jesus is your daily ray of sunshine. Don’t forget that! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 22:3; Psalm 50:23; Philippians 1:6


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