Every step you take

Every step I take I have to look on my left and on my right and I wonder if I am taking the right step. I double check and make sure that I am on the right track. How do I do that? I ask God. I ask Him for help, for guidance and for assistance. I know that every step I take God is walking with me. One thing I am learning is to walk at God’s pace and not to get ahead of myself. I have an idea of what I should do and where I should go but if that idea is mine and it hasn’t been screened by the Lord, I can get lost. When God says He is with us, He is telling us that He is there to show us the way and not just to keep us company. I think sometimes we do things without thinking and we believe that it is ok because God is with us. God is with us not to confirm what we believe is right but to affirm Himself so we can follow in His footsteps. God is here to lead the way and to take us through the path of His righteousness. We are nothing without Him. We might think that we can get away with things without Him but we are highly mistaken when we decide to go it alone. 

Today I want to remind you that God is with you to help you and to be a model for you. He is our role model. He is our guide. He is our reference. He is our helper. He is not sitting on the sideline watching us do whatever we want. He is teaching us how to do what He wants for our lives because it is the best thing for our lives. Remember that there will always be help and advice when you lean on the Lord. Lean on Him before you take a step. Lean on Him when you are at a crossroad. Don’t cross until He gives you the green light. That light might take a while to turn from red to green but it’s because God desires for you to be safe. He will never send you on the road of life if there is danger on the way. I have found myself in dire straits many times because I was counting on my own understanding and I was doing my own thing. I have taken steps that have led me to deserted places where aridity was prevalent. Nothing good came out of those experiences in the wilderness. I turned left when God was telling me to turn right. I ignored Him and I missed His directions. Friend, stick with God and go to Him first before you do anything. 

God can lead your steps. God can show you the right way. The closer you are to Him, the clearer you will hear His directions. I have had a tendency to ask friends and family for advice. I think a lot of us do. It’s not a bad idea. However, I do believe that turning to God first will help us find the help we need. He can put the right people on our path. He can reveal the way to go. He can make our path clear. He can light the way. He can dictate what step to take and hold our hand while we walk with Him. We are meant to walk with God. God is not meant to walk with us and follow our steps. He is the leader. He is the director. He will direct our steps in ways we can’t do on our own. God knows where our feet should land and what places we should avoid. It is my prayer that you take every step with God and that you recognize that your journey is not a lonely adventure. You are with the Lord of lords and the King of kings and every step you take is a step toward freedom and success when you lean on the Lord. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 32:8; Proverbs 3:5-6; James 1:5-6


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