10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 188)

Be sad for the world when it’s hurting but don’t let that sadness prevent you from being the light of the Lord. You are the light Jesus can use to bring joy and peace into this world. Shine for the Lord!

The little you might have today doesn’t compare with the abundance you will have in the future. The Lord is taking you to a place of wealth. Spiritual, emotional and physical wealth. Trust that God will provide all your needs and you will dwell in the land of abundance.

Keep smiling! The day might not be going the way you want it to go but the Lord is watching over you and He is not leaving you. That is reason enough to smile. The enemy wants you to cry but keep smiling. God is on your side!

God is good at everything so let Him be part of everything. Invite Him I to every corner of your day. Make room for Him in everything you say. Let Him handle the affairs of your life. Let Him show you how much He cares about every part of your life!

Your biggest problem is not a burden to God. Your biggest trial is not a hurdle to God. Your biggest tribulation is not a struggle to God. Your biggest pain is not an affliction to God. Ask God for help with your circumstances because to Him nothing is too big and nothing is impossible!

Storms will always come and sometimes they show up without any warning. The Lord knows how to calm any storm and if you trust Him, He will calm the storm in you first. His peace will help you weather any storm and you will find the victory in Him!

Be happy wherever you are even when you are in a bad spot. Don’t rejoice over the bad place you are in but be joyful because the Lord is always with you. He will transform your bad environment into a land of peace!

Those who walk by faith, walk in peace. Those who walk by faith, walk in love. Those who walk by faith, walk with a smile. Those who walk by faith can be tripped but they get up and keep walking. Those who walk by faith, walk with Jesus. Join the walk of faith today! March down the streets of hope as you keep your eyes on the promises of the Lord.

The Lord supplies so much. He is a non-stop River of love. Jump into His river. Jump into His love. You will never lack anything. You will never be lonely. You will never be restless. God supplies our needs according to His riches in glory. His love gives with no end!

Many are the roadblocks on our journey but the Lord goes before us and He removes them one by one as we stay in faith. Look at your next roadblock as an opportunity to build up your faith and to stay strong!

Suggested reading: Psalm 32:7-8; Proverbs 10:18; Luke 12:25-26


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