God’s love can do anything

Saying that God can do anything is an understatement. When I think about how He entangled my life and saved me from the snares of evil, I can only declare that God can do all things. My life is not the same because of Jesus. He stepped in and cleaned the house. He replaced my old dysfunctional inner abode with His safe and sane dwelling place. He took what was hurting me and replaced me with the One who always helps me, His Spirit. God can do anything and He has no limitations. We need to believe it. We need to stretch our faith and trust that God is the God of the impossible. He has been depicted as a small god for so long. Some influencers and celebrities have such a prominent status that they appear to be bigger than God. It sounds crazy but when you look at how people adore some individuals, you realize that man has taken the place of God in many circles. Even in the church I have seen churchgoers who adore their pastor and who put him or her on a pedestal. There is a celebrity culture in the world that is prevalent but if oftens leaves out the One who is the real King of kings. If we worship men more than we worship God, we are stripped of the amazing experience of knowing the Lord and all His mercy and love. God can do more than any men you will ever meet and yet people would rather follow influential men and neglect God. Today I want to remind you that your reverence for God is not in vain. You are following the One who can change your life and the world for the better and His love is the force that makes it happen. God will do the impossible for you. Keep following Him. His love is after you.

The miracles of the Bible seem like events that are not for today. The Lord can’t perform miracles where people don’t believe in Him. Faith is a prerequisite for miracles although God’s mercy and grace can cause miracles to happen. His miracles are real and they are still relevant today. My point is that we ought to go back to the message of the Gospel. It is the love of God that created the biggest miracle of all when Jesus came back from the dead. That message still stands and it is where we should start. We don’t need to look at men to get our miracles. It often feels like people get disappointed in God and they move on to something else or to someone else. They find someone that satisfies their needs or their lacks. They don’t know that they need a spiritual awakening and that spiritual death is real. I used to listen to a lot of different kinds of songs and music was almost a religious experience to me. It was my salvation when things were bad in my life. A song, a tune could cheer me up but there was no substance and no power behind them. Their temporary relief didn’t cut it. Music didn’t change my life. Music didn’t save me. Music didn’t give me peace that surpassed all understanding. Music didn’t heal. It was a band-aid that served its purpose for some time. It is when I encountered Jesus that I found what I had been looking for my whole life. 

I wasn’t a miracle chaser but miracles chased me when Jesus became my Savior. I have to say that I had given up on so much even when I became born again but the Lord’s love was relentless and it never gave up on me. God can do anything and He showed me how wonderfully He can do anything. He deleted the documents that described my life in a dark light. I replaced the folder of sorrow and grief with files of hope and joy. He rewrote my history and locked in my new life. When I started adoring Him, I discovered that He was the only One I should idolize. Why? Because His love was genuine and His attention to me was unparalleled. I had never met such powerful love and I had never been treated so well. He gave me hope and He boosted my faith in the impossible. God can do all things because His love for us is greater than anything and anyone in this world. His love is not restricted and since it created the universe, it can create anything. Think about how God can do anything and meditate on how His love can do anything.Today I want to reiterate the truth that yes God can still do anything and He will do it for you. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Numbers 23:19; Matthew 19:26; Romans 10:9


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